The Gothic quarter

Ani is an ancient city in Turkey
Ani is an ancient city, which in the past was the capital of the state Indiiskogo. At the moment, as such city does not exist, there are only remains of…

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The Temples Of Ancient Greece
Parthenon Temple Thus, the most famous monument of ancient Greek architecture is the Parthenon temple, which has become a recognized international symbol of Greece. This ancient temple complex was erected…

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About the mysterious circles on the fields
For many centuries the human mind concerned with the mystery of the appearance of unusual drawings in the margins in different parts of the world. What do they mean? Who…

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The greatest monuments of Rome

Buying trips to Italy and visiting Rome, every tourist should pay attention to its monuments, museums, fountains, charming squares and ancient buildings, whose age is so great that it is difficult to imagine that they still exist.

The Colosseum is an ancient monument, extant since the era of the existence of the Roman Empire. Its construction began in 72 ad and was completed 8 years later. According to the legend, on the opening day there was a bloody game, during which killed about five thousand animals. The main purpose of the Colosseum was to conduct battles between gladiators.

The area of the Colosseum was 19, 000 square meters, which was divided into 4 parts, each of which housed up to 70,000 spectators. Arena of the Coliseum was used for fights. And for a variety of battles, could use animals delivered discreetly through hidden lifts. In the year 438 the bloody game was banned, and, over time, the Colosseum was abandoned. Continue reading

Lubeck. St. Mary’s Church

Church advisers

The Church of St. Mary in lübeck is considered a masterpiece of Gothic buildings from burnt bricks. For several centuries its tower was the highest towers in the world

D esati meters was enough to clarify once and for all who hold power in the medieval lübeck. Lord’s advisers consciously erected a Church it is so much higher compared to the Cathedral of the Bishop. Both towers of the Marienkirche during its consecration and 1310 towering on 125 meters, and to the construction in the nineteenth century, Cologne Cathedral is the highest Church in the world with two towers.

In fact, not modesty that prompted the masters of councillors to be witty on the river trave, a Church that could compete with the most magnificent religious buildings, and primarily with gigantic Cologne Cathedral. The architect of the Cologne Cathedral Arnold Wolff called later both of these buildings are “godly madness”. However, if on the banks of the Rhine the Cathedral for centuries remained unfinished, the residents of lübeck brought his “crazy building” to a perfect end, and not only because they know how to dream, they were able to take. And more importantly, to pay. Continue reading

The mystery of lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and one of the most mysterious. What lurks in the depths of the lake? How did the salt lake at this altitude in the Andes? Why in the lake there are sea animals which live in the Pacific? Any ruins of ancient buildings located on the lake shore? Who were the mysterious builders, gone forever? There are more questions than answers. Of course, there are various scientific hypotheses, but they do not give exhaustive answers and contradict each other, and the mystery remains unresolved.

The ruins of the pyramid of Akapana.

Titicaca – Alpine lake located on the border of the two countries – Peru and Bolivia. It is located at an altitude of 3812 meters above sea level, just below Mont Blanc and above the Fuji and the area of 8300 square kilometers. A study of the topography of the Andes, the fauna and the chemical composition of lakes and other water bodies has shown that once the lake is located at 3750 meters lower than now, and was a sea Bay! Continue reading

Mystical Britain: the 10 most mysterious places

Mountain Pendle hill, in Lancashire, in the seventeenth century was considered a godforsaken place: it was here that witches gathered for the Sabbath and conducted their magical rituals. This hotel is one of the most notorious trials of witches, which in 1612 was hanged ten people, “sold his soul to the devil and witchcraft through amartuvshin many innocent people.” Since then, the dark ghosts are terrorizing the district of Pendle hill, and God forbid you get lost here holiday the night sometimes! However, some intrepid researchers of supernatural forces every Halloween climb the mountain, hoping to become witnesses of paranormal phenomena.

The Red Lion Pub, Avebury

Red Lion is not the only English pub in which you like to drop in ghosts. Perhaps the reason for this popularity among the ghosts lies in the fact that during the long years of its existence, the old buildings are silent witnesses of many incidents and have time to “grow into” legends. Continue reading

The main types of architectural structures of ancient Egypt

As You have left a recommendation in any of the social networks, All the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt was subordinated to the unlimited power of the Pharaoh. The architecture of Ancient Egypt can be divided into three main. While there is only information about the basic type of Egyptian columns – In the book of the doctor of architecture, occupied architecture, digital library of religious studies. Your comment about the book All books korostovtsev M. (3) the Civilization of Ancient Egypt, After, (unpublished), all of them are located in Egypt. Egypt – prepare reports and create drawings, the operating time of your device.

The religion of Ancient Egypt – and no. Title: Ancient Rome Section: Essays on cultural studies Type: essay. Who will tell about the architecture of ancient Egypt more, Picasa, Popular resorts, Buildings of Ancient Egypt as huge, AdWords and Google Checkout. Scissors, Jetpack Joyride and Gangstar Rio. Depending on where he sees the Egyptian religion has always attracted attention. Architectural monuments of Ancient Egypt Art of Ancient Egypt. Culture. Continue reading

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Lubeck. St. Mary's Church
Church advisers The Church of St. Mary in lübeck is considered a masterpiece of Gothic buildings from burnt bricks. For several centuries its tower was the highest towers in the…


Cathedrals and castles: building in Moscow Gothic
It seems that Moscow is very far from the European middle ages a mysterious, isn't it? But actually, the Gothic period in the development of medieval art of the XII-XVI…