The Gothic quarter

TOP 5 Most ancient cities in the world
After the collapse of the tribal relations, the population of the earth began to settle on completely different principle – territorial. Thus, the first towns began to be laid and…

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Cathedrals and castles: building in Moscow Gothic
It seems that Moscow is very far from the European middle ages a mysterious, isn't it? But actually, the Gothic period in the development of medieval art of the XII-XVI…

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Gothic architecture
The Gothic style mainly manifested in the architecture of temples, cathedrals, churches, monasteries. Developed on the basis of the Romanesque, or rather Burgundian architecture. Unlike the Romanesque style with its…

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The City Of Nikolaev

Old city cemetery since 1790, is located on the outskirts of the city on the banks of the Ingul river and consists of several parts. The largest part of Orthodox cemetery, which was buried also Catholics and Protestants. To the North is the old believers ‘ cemetery, and to the South, the Jewish, Mohammedan and Karaite cemeteries. Earlier Jewish and Karaite cemetery was on the Sands, but then it was moved, and in its place built a trolley Park.

The Nikolaev city cemetery was very green and there were a lot of beautiful tombstones and crypts.

In the center of the cemetery is the Church of All Saints. It was built in 1807-1808 “the zeal of the naval officials, Admiralty servants, merchants, burghers, and commoners of Nikolaev”. The Church was rebuilt and enlarged in 1858. the funds of the former Church warden of the merchant of the 1st Guild K. N. Sobolev. Continue reading

Tash-Rabat is an unusual architectural structure, located on the Great silk road

In the Middle ages, the equipment of the caravan trade passing along the routes of the Great silk road routes lasting several days, was risky. Therefore, to ensure the security of merchants and their products on many trade routes in the Middle East were built caravanserai — facilities for reception and rest of the traders and pack animals, as well as temporary storage of goods. They were erected along caravan trade routes in specific, sometimes remote and desolate, away from human settlements, the places, is designed to accommodate traders within a few days after a long journey. And hear, where were the preachers of different religions, were constructed religious buildings, temples and monasteries. The architecture of these structures in the different regions of Inner Asia has both similarities and significant differences.

One of these unusual stone structures located in the river valley of Tash-Rabat, a tributary of Kara-Koyun, flowing along the ridges of the At-Bashy mountain range in the Central Tien Shan on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. In ancient times the valley of this river was a trade route connecting the Chuy and Fergana valleys to Kashgar. Continue reading

The oldest city in Europe: the top 5

The old cities of Europe are located mostly in Greece and Crete. According to scientists excavations, Greece can be considered the cultural cradle of mankind.

What are the oldest cities of Europe can be called? Unequivocally to answer this question it is impossible. The old town, which is ancient, it has many attractions, or one where life was in full swing before the erection of permanent structures?

One of the oldest cities – although many details will surprise you, take you to Zurich. People in this area settled long before our era, for 4,5 thousand years. The first outlines of the city of Zurich began to acquire in the 1st century ad. Then, in this place formed a trading post. The name of the place was Turicum. To 853 in this area, the Abbey was founded – Fraumünster. To the 11 century, his rights were finally confirmed – the Duchy of Swabia was established. He was allowed to print coins. The main town and the Abbey became Zurich. Like all medieval cities it was the city wall, moat, and other necessary attributes to protect from foreign invasion. Continue reading

Method of recovery of underground structures

The invention is directed to solving the problem of reconstruction of underground facilities located in unstable water-saturated soils (quicksand). Underground structures (subway tunnels, sewers, etc.), built in unstable soils, often in the course of operation make a strong drawdown, this disturbed their strength and integrity, and these expensive buildings will fill with water and fail. New in this method is the operation of raising the walling of underground structures by creating increased pressure of the soil under the structure and reduce this pressure on him. This goal is achieved by pumping a mixture of sand with water in the zone located under the structure and selection of soil from the area located above the construction. For sealing of the building envelope structures during the operation of cryogenic liquid used. 1 Il.


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10 most mysterious places in England

Writers for many years, scooped into the mysterious England of the subjects for their works. This small country is a source of adventure and magical stories loved by adults and children all over the world. Suffice it to recall the stories of King Arthur, the Hobbit and Harry Potter. This is not surprising, because England are rich in the places of legend. This is a country of mysterious stone structures, caves, foggy swamps and forests and ancient churches.

Next, we consider the 10 most mystical and magical attractions.

10. North Yokshir Moors

North Yokshir Moors boasts a large collection of centuries-old trees, some of them more than a thousand years. These gnarled, mystical, huge trees seemed to have seen the ancient ents and can pass on the wisdom of this tribe a normal guy. Continue reading

Burj Khalifa tower — the biggest tower in the world
"I am the heart of the city and its inhabitants, a symbol of the shiny dreams of Dubai. More than just a moment in time, I define the moment for…


Cyclopean structures of antiquity
Cyclops or Ciclope (Κύκλωπες), in Greek mythology born of Uranus and Gaia, the titans, the personification of storm clouds with lightning, symbolic way, which is a single large glowing eye…