The Gothic quarter

Method of recovery of underground structures
The invention is directed to solving the problem of reconstruction of underground facilities located in unstable water-saturated soils (quicksand). Underground structures (subway tunnels, sewers, etc.), built in unstable soils, often…

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The main types of architectural structures of ancient Egypt
As You have left a recommendation in any of the social networks, All the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt was subordinated to the unlimited power of the Pharaoh. The architecture of…

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Gothic ornament in architecture
Gothic ornament was diverse and symbolic. Continue to use the converted ancient and Byzantine motifs, but along with them are biased towards new themes. Straightforward geometric shapes moving in a…

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The most beautiful castles of the world

The most beautiful castles in the world are our memories of fairy tales from my childhood — with kings, knights and princesses. And how cool is ever to be in this Royal castle. After all, it seems completely unreal that in such a luxurious beauty once lived people, and that they built these structures back in those days, when there was no modern technology. It is when visiting these beautiful and prominent buildings, like pictures from a book of fairy tales, everyone can feel himself like a king, like a fairy tale. Today we take a trip to 10 most beautiful castles in the world . and maybe someday you will be lucky enough to visit at least one of them.

1. Neuschwanstein castle in Germany — a fairy Palace in the romantic style, built in the nineteenth century by king Ludwig II as a tribute to the talent of the composer Wagner. Castle gives the impression of theatrical scenery, everything is so unreal. Continue reading

International Gothic

The first group: – the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Chartres has preserved the heavy Romanesque wall dominated in her division of the horizontal semicircular Romanesque silhouette of arcades and window openings. The towers of the Cathedral have no similarity with fragile lace Gothic towers. The window consists of several round openings with stained glass Windows, a little like a window-rose. Conclusion: this temple was built in the first phase of development of Gothic.

The Notre Dame Cathedral. The Western facade. Paris. 12 – 14th century.

The second group: – the Cathedral in Amiens can be attributed to the second, high phase of development of Gothic architecture. Evidenced by luxurious “radiant” window-roses, deep perspective on the portals, by Lancet arches, which are repeated both in the portals and in the Windows of the second tier and towers; up to more elongated forms of the temple (the tallest Gothic cathedrals), as well as the abundance of sculptures on the facade of the building. Continue reading

The ABC of styles: Victorian, Gothic, Greek, village

Today we turn to the styles, the characteristics of which meet us at every step. Enough to go to the city center to see the Gothic spires and stained glass Windows. And just going down to the subway, we will see Greek arches and columns. Well, the Victorian style is familiar to us on some favourite films on the works of English classics. It is not surprising that all this has somehow been reflected in the private architecture. Not to mention the rustic style, which is rustic home is the place.

Victorian interior style: eclectic English

Victorian style originated in the era of Queen Victoria, worldwide is also called English. The characteristic features of the Victorian style – a combination of luxury, ancient traditions and excellent quality. It is not accidental that blended the styles of classical, Rococo, Indian and even Gothic. Continue reading

The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt

Most common in the New Kingdom period received the type of rectangular temple with a clear plan. The facade of the temple addressed to the Nile, from which there was a road, framed on the sides of stone sphinxes, or sacred rams (rams). Avenue of sphinxes led to the entrance — a stone pylon — Grand, tapering upwards in the form of a trapezoid wall, separated by a narrow passage in the middle. In front of the pylon were erected colossal statues, obelisks. Behind the pylon was opened rectangular open courtyard surrounded by columns. In the center of the courtyard on the main axis also laid the stone colonnade. She was scheduled straight line path to the columned halls, chapels, storerooms and other spaces. Monumental reliefs covered the walls of the temples. Powerful colonnade, numerous sculptures complement their solemn appearance. Continue reading

Named the most ugly structure of the world

The list of the 10 ugliest buildings and monuments around the world. “Some of these buildings are more like a bag of nails, others are striking in their ambiguity, but in any case, this is too fun” – quoted the General Director of the website Giampiero Ambrosi Tatar-inform.

First place was taken by the City Council in Boston, more like the anti-nuclear bunker of gray concrete. The second line of the list belongs to the Montparnasse tower in Paris. Experts as a joke, she has only one plus: from the observation platform of the Montparnasse tower offers the only view of Paris, where the tower is not visible. And the Parisians declared a subscription to raise the money to buy the tower from the owners and demolish.

On third place is occupied by bulky “Golden horseshoe” from the town of Tuuri in Finland. Horseshoe rises above the second largest shopping centre in Finland. But, as they say, it, nevertheless, brings good luck. Fourth place went to Liverpool Cathedral, resembling a flying saucer with a large number of antennas, and more resembling inverted Martini. Continue reading

Gothic Barcelona
Who does not know about the great artist Pablo Picasso. Priverzhenka of his work will certainly want to visit the tour, dedicated to the life and work of the great…


Named the most ugly structure of the world
The list of the 10 ugliest buildings and monuments around the world. "Some of these buildings are more like a bag of nails, others are striking in their ambiguity, but…