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The ABC of styles: Victorian, Gothic, Greek, village

Today we turn to the styles, the characteristics of which meet us at every step. Enough to go to the city center to see the Gothic spires and stained glass Windows. And just going down to the subway, we will see Greek arches and columns. Well, the Victorian style is familiar to us on some favourite films on the works of English classics. It is not surprising that all this has somehow been reflected in the private architecture. Not to mention the rustic style, which is rustic home is the place.

Victorian interior style: eclectic English

Victorian style originated in the era of Queen Victoria, worldwide is also called English. The characteristic features of the Victorian style – a combination of luxury, ancient traditions and excellent quality. It is not accidental that blended the styles of classical, Rococo, Indian and even Gothic.

The scenery of the beloved Soviet film about Sherlock Holmes quite clearly give an idea of what is English style.

Architectural solutions: large pompous buildings of this time reflect the characteristic Imperial spirit and therefore gave rise to another name: the British Empire. There and Gothic influences, is the most Gothic buildings in London built in Victorian times.

Color and shape: the furniture can be light beige Donovaly dark red-brown color. Accordingly, everything else will be from pale pink, almond, purple shades to red-brown. An important place is occupied by the gilding and rich colours in the draperies ruby-red or emerald-green.

Details: bulky, overloaded fractional, small decor, the furniture was ironically named by his contemporaries the style of footings and tops. An indispensable attribute of living room in Victorian style fireplace with a marble or granite shelf and a pair of identical table lamps.

Tip: want to feel like a Englishman living in the Victorian era? To do this, just need to arrange the different rooms of the house in different styles. So, the bedroom will be done in a playful Rococo, and dining room and hallway — in Oriental style. Even some interior can contain elements of different styles: for example, on the curtains easily coexist checks and floral ornaments.

Greek style in the interior: arches and columns

The main features of the Greek style in the interior— expensive materials: bronze, ivory, gold, precious woods. This style has grown the concept of the classics in its purest, uncluttered and expensive incarnation.

Architectural decision: is popular for rustic and garden the construction of arches and columns invariably refer us to the origins, to the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Color and shape in Greek design: a preference for cold colors. This white, lemon yellow, Sunny yellow, all shades of blue (from light blue to very rich), blue-green, blue-green, emerald color. The tone of the ceiling and walls usually in the same color scheme, pastel or light shades of gray. Relevant paintings in the form of relief images of ancient gods and scenes from history.

Details: huge outdoor small decorative vases, decorated with geometric designs, symbolic sculptures and figurines. Mandatory columns and arches. Door handles in the form of animal heads with ring in mouth. For the Greek interior typical of both figured and floral and geometric and architectural elements.

Tip: Greek style in the interior — it’s almost always bright walls. This is often wood panels, painted in a certain way, like the wind, sun and sea, checked the coating on the strength. But better if it is a rough textured plaster, giving the interior a strict Greek simplicity and necessary man-made charm. If you have uneven walls, in this case, it would be a plus and will save a little time, effort and money.

The Gothic style in the interior: her Majesty Vertical

The term “Gothic” is most often applied to well-known style of architectural structures, mainly Catholic cathedrals, which can be summarized as “eerily majestic.”

Architectural solution: the Gothic style in the interior, mainly manifested in the architecture of temples, cathedrals, churches, monasteries. Unlike the Romanesque style with its round arches, massive walls and small Windows, typical of Gothic arches with a pointed top, a narrow and high towers and columns, the richly decorated facade with carved details (winery, tympanum, archivolt) and multicolor stained glass Lancet Windows. All the style elements that emphasize the vertical.

Color and shape: a style implies a reduction of the total area of the walls and increasing the area of Windows, soaring timber frame design buildings. Wide spread in decoration of buildings of this style have received the stained glass Windows. The theme of the images on the stained glass Windows usually religious, sometimes historical or mythological character, is widely used stained glass.

Details: Gothic furniture is simple and heavy in the truest sense of the word. Furniture in the Gothic style is also keen to back: cabinets, buffets on high legs, and the chairs and the beds have high headboards.

Tip: a reminder of the Gothic style in the interior of a private house will serve up elongated pointed turrets on the roof, narrow Windows and stained glass.

Rustic style in the interior: he – country

Rustic style in the interior among professionals in the field of design is referred to as country style. The style became widespread in the first decades of the XX century – first in USA and then worldwide. Rapid urbanization has caused an understandable nostalgia for naturalness of a village house.

Architectural solution: the common features of the rustic style in the interior, beyond its ethnic component — the use of natural construction materials such as wood, stone and leather. Externally, the style is very conservative, even archaic, based on a traditional village house made of wood or stone, decorated with figured carving or a national ornament.

Color and shape: in a country house atmosphere is colorful, the colors are not bright, but rather muted, but at the same time thick and juicy. Dominated by natural colors, bright hues and even pastel.

Details: rugs and patchwork bedspreads, rustic furniture, wicker chairs and chests. A lot of ceramics and flower arrangements. On the walls you can see paintings of scenes from village life, mouth-watering still lifes and landscapes in simple frames. In rural houses in many countries you can often find wicker and wrought iron furniture.

Tip: organically in the interior of the country will be watching things made by hand. This opens a wide scope for creativity: knitted mats, woven baskets and boxes, self-made lampshades and ceramics. However, a skilled “forgery” under handcrafted items today can be found in supermarket chains and in designer collections.

Text: Anna Egorova

Consultant: Anastasia Carlier, Lemonstudio

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