International Gothic
The first group: - the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Chartres has preserved the heavy Romanesque wall dominated in her division of the horizontal semicircular Romanesque silhouette of arcades and window openings.…

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The ABC of styles: Victorian, Gothic, Greek, village
Today we turn to the styles, the characteristics of which meet us at every step. Enough to go to the city center to see the Gothic spires and stained glass…

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Found the religious buildings of Biarm
Yuri claims that all complex objects have biomagnetic intense radiation. Stone buildings attached to the outputs of indigenous rock and organically fused with the folds of the terrain. The flow…

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The most beautiful castles of the world

The most beautiful castles in the world are our memories of fairy tales from my childhood — with kings, knights and princesses. And how cool is ever to be in this Royal castle. After all, it seems completely unreal that in such a luxurious beauty once lived people, and that they built these structures back in those days, when there was no modern technology. It is when visiting these beautiful and prominent buildings, like pictures from a book of fairy tales, everyone can feel himself like a king, like a fairy tale. Today we take a trip to 10 most beautiful castles in the world . and maybe someday you will be lucky enough to visit at least one of them.

1. Neuschwanstein castle in Germany — a fairy Palace in the romantic style, built in the nineteenth century by king Ludwig II as a tribute to the talent of the composer Wagner. Castle gives the impression of theatrical scenery, everything is so unreal. The interior of the lock cross a variety of architectural styles — a combination of Moorish, Gothic and Baroque elements: there are columns-stalactites, and the throne room in the decadent Byzantine spirit, and a singing room with exquisite lighting, intended for performances of Wagner’s operas. Neuschwanstein castle, located in the mountains, often shrouded in Alpine mists, and at such moments it seems as if floating in the void… by the Way, the image was Neushwanstien in the construction of Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland Paris. They were also fascinated by Tchaikovsky they say it was here, he was born the idea of the ballet “Swan lake”. No wonder Neuschwanstein literally means “New Swan cliff”.

2. Castle of the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in France is striking in its unusual and fabulous views, as towering 80-meter high cliff, surrounded on all sides by the sea, and only a long Causeway connects the mainland with the island. Moreover, twice a year the dam washes out, and the castle is on the island. This Gothic castle is also called “La Marva”, which means miracle or wonder. It is the most visited area in France after Paris. Wonderful Mont Saint-Michel is often referred to in literary works (from the legends of king Arthur and poems to modern novels), and Victor Hugo called it the “Pyramid in the ocean”. This castle was the prototype of the fortress of Minas Tirith in the popular film “the Lord of the Rings”.

3. Chambord castle in France – castle of the knights and fairies, one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles of the Loire Valley. The construction of this medieval castle lasted forty years, but because king Francis never had the chance to live in it. However, and unfinished during the life of the king of the castle could not fail to impress contemporaries. Now within the walls is one of Europe’s largest parks — national Park of Chambord with hunting grounds of the French President. Fairytale beauty of château de Chambord was praised by the famous French writer Francois Rabelais, poet Pierre Ronsard. Beautiful words about the charm of château de Chambord also said Victor Hugo, comparing it with the “woman with a gust of wind blown back hair”.

4. The Pena Palace in Portugal is a fabulously-colored Palace located on a high cliff near the town of Sintra. The Palace and its adjoining Park with an area of 270 hectares have emerged in 1840 as a Royal summer residence on the site of an abandoned monastery. This fantastic Palace contains Egyptian, Gothic, Manueline, Moorish, Oriental styles and the style of the Renaissance. Interior is decorated with exquisite furniture, porcelain, sculptures, tapestries and paintings. The Palace standing on the top of the cliff, gently harmonizes with the local landscape, complements the combination of dense forests and dangerous cliffs. In Sunny weather, he is like a bright fairy-tale castle of childhood dreams. His dressy red and yellow towers with jagged ledges, “lace” gate and the dome roof can not help but admire.

5. Castle of Levenberg in Germany – vintage castle located in the city of Kassel, which is called the “Castle of lions” or “Lion’s castle”. The structure is so designed in a medieval style that here, it would seem, could be of Disneyland. Built in 1800 in neo-Gothic style castle the Open has many medieval features, such as, for example, a moat and a drawbridge. Inside it is filled with authentic medieval furniture and rare and unique items.

6. Moritzburg castle in Germany — hunting castle of the Saxon princes and kings, near Dresden, built in 1542-46 years by order of Duke Moritz. This castle with a red roof and yellow walls in Baroque style stands out among other buildings of this era, as it was rebuilt from the castle of the Renaissance. The whole structure rests on an almost square terraces and basement Foundation and communicated with the rest of the island, staircases and balustrades, decorated with sculptures. There is a lovely garden with a pond. Almost in each of the two hundred rooms of the castle shown in the passion for hunting, whether it is an image of Diana with his entourage or the collection of antlers. In addition, the Moritzburg known among the hunters. They say that the last owners of the buried there treasure chests that only adds to the castle’s share of mystery. It was here in 1972 for the film-tale “Three nuts for Cinderella”.

7. Bran castle in Romania, nicknamed “Dracula’s Castle”. Bran castle became famous after B. Stoker wrote his famous novel “Dracula”, where the main character is count Dracula, also known as “the vampire of Transylvania”. In fact, the character in the book never existed, but for some reason many people still believe in this fairy tale… Gothic Medieval bran castle, its spires soaring into the sky, built on the edge of a gorge in the Carpathian mountains. With or without Dracula, bran Castle today is among the most valuable monuments of medieval art in Romania.

8. Castle Liechtenstein in Austria – an amazing medieval castle, perched on a rock in the Vienna woods. From castle Liechtenstein (means “Bright stone”) arose the name of the princely family of Lichtenstein, governors of the same state. Calm fabulous silhouette of the castle seeks, in the sky, as if confirming its existence to the fairy tales and tales of knightly times. Not in vain the cause of the erection of the castle became a literary historical novel, which brought him to Duke William, rebuilding a castle from the ruins of an ancient citadel in 1842.

9. Himeji castle in Japan is a very romantic name — “white Heron Castle”. In the month of April, when the Sakura blooms around here there is a feeling of a fairy tale, where that and look will emerge from the gate beautiful Princess or will flash with the sword of the valiant samurai. Himeji castle is not similar to European structures — it is built on a flat mountain top, and consists of 83 buildings, typical of classic Japanese architecture. Unlike many other Japanese castles, this castle was never destroyed in wars and earthquakes. It was the birthplace of the 48 governors, and combines beauty and elegance with defensive functions. It is surrounded by three moats, and the garden is a labyrinth with lots of dead ends to confuse the enemy. The interior of the castle is notable luxury delicate wood carvings and sliding screens with images of birds and plants.

10. The castle of Ussé in France, on the river Indre in the Loire valley, called the “sleeping beauty Castle”. After all these countless shining white pointed turrets of the castle on the background of dark silhouettes of the trees of the forest Shimanskogo inspired Charles Perrault to write the fairy tale “Sleeping beauty”. Now artists everywhere reproduce this castle on their illustrations for the fairy tale and dramatic setting. In architecture’usse presents different styles. It was originally a Gothic fortress, and later in the appearance of the castle were made by a number of Renaissance elements. Now in several rooms of the castle of “settled” wax figures-characters from the Sleeping beauty and fabulous interiors, featuring the famous music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Sleeping beauty”.

The most beautiful castles of the world will always attract those who want to see the best creations of human hands. Thanks to these beautiful architectural structures, we can feel in the fairy world, full of romantic legend and myths.

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