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10 most mysterious places in England

Writers for many years, scooped into the mysterious England of the subjects for their works. This small country is a source of adventure and magical stories loved by adults and children all over the world. Suffice it to recall the stories of King Arthur, the Hobbit and Harry Potter. This is not surprising, because England are rich in the places of legend. This is a country of mysterious stone structures, caves, foggy swamps and forests and ancient churches.

Next, we consider the 10 most mystical and magical attractions.

10. North Yokshir Moors

North Yokshir Moors boasts a large collection of centuries-old trees, some of them more than a thousand years. These gnarled, mystical, huge trees seemed to have seen the ancient ents and can pass on the wisdom of this tribe a normal guy.

The hilly landscape North of Yokshire covered with beautiful purple Heather, on which, I assume, passed the Roman Road. However, local legend says that this road was paved by the giant Wade from his castle Musgrave Pickering castle, where he lived with his wife.

9. The chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall

This little Church is located on an empty sexscom South-East coast of England. She1400 years. The chapel was built in 645 ad, it is based on the Foundation of walls of Roman Fort of the Holy Saga. He was a Christian missionary. The king of Northumbria sent him to educate the local people.

In our days,to visit the Church, the pilgrims must make the long journey through the farm. The chapel is open to all comers. Despite the minimalist style of the Church, the age of the structure, an isolated coastal neighborhood here felt the presence of supernatural forces.

8. The Falls Of St. Nectan

In the ancient forest Cornol there is a gorgeous waterfall. It takes its origin from the river Traveled. Around this place is legendary, and one of them is connected with King Arthur. Knights of the king in search of the Holy Grail have undergone spiritual purification Glen. Glen Saint in the time of king Arthur was a Christian Shrine, built in the VI century.

No one can say whether it’s true or fiction, but now the waterfall is considered sacred to all believers who come here to pray.

7. Passwod

Fans of mystical films saw the scene with the letters Passwod. In Paslode, which is located in the County of Glostershir, are unique and charming trees. This forest was a wonderful place, where the unfolding stories of the TV series Merlin and Doctor Who.

A distinctive feature of the forest is the riddle of the formation of the earth’s folds,known as scowly whose age reaches several thousand years. On the site of an abandoned ore pits formed underground caves.

But in this forest it is possible to remove not only mystical movies. In real life it is unusual. So in 1848, the average worker found in Paslode Roman coins. The owner of the jewelry could not be determined, as in other and the reason for their concealment. And the question remains, what else is hiding in its thickets and caves mystical Passwod?

6. Cheddar gorge

The largest in England, Cheddar gorge is located a hundred miles North-East of Bristol. Scientists believe that in the Stone age the valley was the hunting ground of ancient people. Here in 1903, there was found a human skeleton, whose age is more than 9 thousand years.

This gorge is not only a historical landmark, it offers stunning scenery. Cheddar received the status of “exceptional natural beauty”, with its limestone cliffs overgrown with moss and lichen.

They say that j. Talking in 1916, spent their honeymoon. He was captivated by the cliffs and caves of the gorge. They served as a source of inspiration to describe the Legends fall into Two Towers of the trilogy “the Lord of the Rings”. This is confirmed by his published letters.

5. Cantabrian ring

Cantabrian ring is a hillfort during the Iron age, located in West Sussex. The ring is a hill crowned with a crown of beech trees planted in 1760 distant local landowner. This area is unremarkable except for a strange and mysterious events that took place here.

According to the legend, who will be seven times around the ring counterclockwise, he will meet with the Devil himself. He will offer a glass of milk or a bowl of soup in exchange for his soul. Ufologists dubbed this place a “hot spot”. After various stories about the ghosts people are running away. English occultist compared this ring with rotten rotten cherry for the cake.

4. Stonehenge

You can’t talk about mystical places in England and not to mention Stonehenge.

It is a place covered with mysteries and secrets. One legend says that this building was erected by Merlin. In the 1600s there was a version that this monument was built by the druids. This version still holds true today. However, the method of radiocarbon Dating has established that Stonehenge arose much earlier time of the druids.

Be that as it may, no one can say with certainty when and why was Stonehenge built. Every year numerous tourists visit this monument. Scientists suggest that the age of Stonehenge about 5 thousand years, making it one of the most ancient monuments in the world.

3. Grotto of seashells in Margate

There is an interesting story about how was found a grotto. In 1835 the town of Margate in Kent, the little boy fell into the pit, which was formed after his father dug a pond for the ducks. When the boy got out, he told me about the amazing tunnels decorated with shells. Managed to find various passages and a rectangular chamber. They were all covered with approximately 4.6 million shells, which are used to create mosaics. It depicts gods, trees and different patterns.

Most of the shells belonged to marine creatures that lived in the British Isles. Such as, oysters, mussels and clams. But there are also shells from the Caribbean. Between the shells were connected by a Roman cement.

How true is the story about the opening of the grotto, no one knows. But even without this many issues. Who and what built the grotto?

2. Glastonbury

Some people know how Glastonbury music festival. Although it takes place in Pilton.

Glastonbury is considered the legendary island of Avalon, where Galstonbury Abbey buried King Arthur. During the reign of the famous King, the water level was much higher, so it is possible that Glastonbury hill was an island.

It is possible that Jesus Christ visited the city. Dr. Gordon Strachan, the Minister and academician of the Church of Scotland argued that the idea of Jesus ‘ visit to England was part of his educational activities. He also suggested that Christ helped to erect in this city a Church:

“Saint Augustine is reported to the Pope that the Church at Glastonbury was built by the followers of Jesus. But Saint Gildas( a sixth century priest) has argued that the Church was built by Christ himself. This Church may belong to 37 ad”.

1. Tintagel

In the first place mystical place in England is a spectacular Tintagel, which is located on the North coast of Cornwall. Maybe that came from all the legends associated with this great country.

The legend says that King Arthur was born in Tintagel castle, the ruins of which remain on the cliffs, and are open for visitation and research. Merlin’s cave is below the ruins of the castle. The legendary home of the wizard went out to a lonely Bay, where beautiful waterfalls. It is here that the great Merlin taught King Arthur.

Many impressive achievements of the city’s Corniche. Unique coastal cliffs, caves and waterfalls, spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean make Tintagel magical place and without any legends.

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