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The oldest city in Europe: the top 5

The old cities of Europe are located mostly in Greece and Crete. According to scientists excavations, Greece can be considered the cultural cradle of mankind.

What are the oldest cities of Europe can be called? Unequivocally to answer this question it is impossible. The old town, which is ancient, it has many attractions, or one where life was in full swing before the erection of permanent structures?

One of the oldest cities – although many details will surprise you, take you to Zurich. People in this area settled long before our era, for 4,5 thousand years. The first outlines of the city of Zurich began to acquire in the 1st century ad. Then, in this place formed a trading post. The name of the place was Turicum. To 853 in this area, the Abbey was founded – Fraumünster. To the 11 century, his rights were finally confirmed – the Duchy of Swabia was established. He was allowed to print coins. The main town and the Abbey became Zurich. Like all medieval cities it was the city wall, moat, and other necessary attributes to protect from foreign invasion.

But the main superiority as the most ancient city of Europe that hold Greek city.

Of course, it should start with Athens, a city founded by the Greek Gods. About the time of its appearance scientists argue: 5000 years BC or 4000? The city is rich preserved to so that kept ourtime cultural values, which include the Acropolis, the Palace, located on Syntagma square, and the many surviving statues.

The Greek city of Argos founded not inferior to Athens. It also preserved a lot of ancient monuments, among which the most popular is the temple one of the major Greek Goddesses – the wife of the Supreme God Zeus – Hera.

Judging by architectural structures, not much was later rebuilt by the Bulgarian city – Plovdiv. Some scholars even give the championship its first settlers, believing that the first buildings appeared a century earlier than in Athens. From the popular sights of the city can be called the Central mosque. Its base is the height of the Roman Empire.

As compared with these “first” stories, Chania – Cretan city is very young. Date of its formation approximately 1.5 century BC. At the present time in this city attracts numerous tourists to enjoy the strange Venetian atmosphere. Since ancient times the town has many side streets which once roamed the first pirates.

The Cypriot city of Larnaca last on the list of most ancient buildings. He is the youngest. The first structures to appear in 1.4 thousand years before our era, but it offers only the ruins of the 13th century.

Than now live in the oldest city of Europe? Of great importance are the tourist business. Travelers from all over the world are rushing in to these cities to experience the history.

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