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Ani is an ancient city in Turkey

Ani is an ancient city, which in the past was the capital of the state Indiiskogo. At the moment, as such city does not exist, there are only remains of the ancient structures. Now it is a plateau with lots of dilapidated old buildings, located near Kars, near the mountains of Kusdasi. Although even now the surviving structures of Ani is an example of architecture of the past.

To the present day remains of the city wall and the remains of the towers, built in the tenth century, although they are very badly damaged. Miraculously preserved Church of the Saviour, built from 1034 through 1036 of the year and another Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, built in 1010, are monuments of architecture. Preserved several small churches, which were named in honor of St. Gregory, Gagik and the Kervansaray.

Still preserved and the convent of the blessed virgin Mary with an adjacent small Church. But the main pearl of the ancient city can safely be called the Main Cathedral, which was built 11 years, since year 989 at 1010. But the most interesting thing is that the Armenian land, within sight built an exact copy of the Cathedral, but built in our time.

After visiting all the above sights it makes sense to look at the Palace of the Seljuks. Because this building(the only one that decided to restore), refers to the Islamic style. Nearby you can also see the excavations where the archeologists were street of the ancient city. On this site are the remains of commercial establishments or dwellings. Stands beside Menucehr-Camii, which was previously thought to be a mosque.

In the southern part of the town stands the citadel under the name of YG Kale, but unfortunately for the inspection it is closed. Next to it the monastery Kiz-Kilisesi, standing almost above the river gorge. You can go for a walk and explore the Seljuk baths, the remains of an ancient bridge over the river Akhuryan. Here you can see the “khachkars” are examples of stone carving that have Armenian roots.

But one should when visiting the ancient city of Ani to know that some part of it or the areas near the borders are closed to travelers, large number of patrolling gendarmes may prevent you from sightseeing in the area. But at the same time, they are polite and explain the motives of this or that ban. In the Northern part of town is the village of Anikey. Here you can have lunch and take a taxi to the nearest town of Kars.

A huge number of various Church buildings also can be seen near the ancient city. But to get there the most convenient way is by taxi or rented car. Oguzeli next to the towering remains of a huge Church of the tenth century. Near the village of Bayraktar is more preserved Church Karmir — Vank. And the closest monument to the city it is a monastic complex called Oromos, but unfortunately now it is not possible to visit.

Near Kars is a village Kozludja, there are two churches, one of them Bagair built with 1010 for 1012 years, Prince of Armenia Smbat. The construction of the second Church dates back at least three centuries earlier. The village kozluca has its own fame due to the fact that there is a lot of salt caves. To the South of the village stands the fortress Megismert, towering over the river Akhuryan. Although it was destroyed during the storming of the Ottoman conquerors in the distant 1579, but still has a menacing look.

If you look a little deeper to Kars, we can see a large number of attractions. This Church Khtzkonk, the construction of which dated to the year 1029, the monastery Basilica. Men beautiful complex, built in ancient times, with 639 at 640 years. And if you want to see unique beauty and unusual Georgian monastery, we will have to travel in the direction Cingilli.

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