Tash-Rabat is an unusual architectural structure, located on the Great silk road
In the Middle ages, the equipment of the caravan trade passing along the routes of the Great silk road routes lasting several days, was risky. Therefore, to ensure the security…

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Ancient burial
An ancient tomb, or in other words, the Undead shop has good items always can help. The store is very often, or rather almost with 100% probability of building a…

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Gothic Barcelona
Who does not know about the great artist Pablo Picasso. Priverzhenka of his work will certainly want to visit the tour, dedicated to the life and work of the great…

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Mystical Britain: the 10 most mysterious places

Mountain Pendle hill, in Lancashire, in the seventeenth century was considered a godforsaken place: it was here that witches gathered for the Sabbath and conducted their magical rituals. This hotel is one of the most notorious trials of witches, which in 1612 was hanged ten people, “sold his soul to the devil and witchcraft through amartuvshin many innocent people.” Since then, the dark ghosts are terrorizing the district of Pendle hill, and God forbid you get lost here holiday the night sometimes! However, some intrepid researchers of supernatural forces every Halloween climb the mountain, hoping to become witnesses of paranormal phenomena.

The Red Lion Pub, Avebury

Red Lion is not the only English pub in which you like to drop in ghosts. Perhaps the reason for this popularity among the ghosts lies in the fact that during the long years of its existence, the old buildings are silent witnesses of many incidents and have time to “grow into” legends. Though, probably, all the matter is that even the ghosts sometimes want to knock over a mug or two of ale flavored (sometimes literally!). In any case, the Red Lion pub boasts a reputation as the most vicious drinking establishments in Britain. It is notable for the fact that is located inside the ancient and the longest in Europe, the cromlech of Avebury ( Avebury Stone Circle ) – Krugobaikalskaya of boulders that served as a pagan cult building long before Stonehenge was built. The most famous Ghost of the Red Lion pub – spirit of a woman named Florrie who lived in this building in the XVII century, when it served as the farm. Her husband was a soldier. Returning from the war, he found Florrie and her lover. In a jealous rage he shot and killed his rival, and the wrong spouse was stabbed and dumped her body in a well. Since then, the spirit of Florrie often appears at the same place. When pub inexplicably disappears utensils, and salt and pepper shakers start to bounce – no one doubts that it is all tricks of Florrie.

Even the most hardened skeptic that denies the existence of ghosts and the afterlife, unexplained shudder of horror when you visit this house of the XII century, which served as a tavern and coaching Inn. Creaky floor boards, bare walls are uneven, inexplicable sepulchral cold, smell of damp, dimly lit little room – so it must be a real haunted house! The current owner is this terrible place gladly arranges small tours for all comers, in detail telling about all cases of paranormal activity seen in the house for the last few centuries. In each corner there dwells some terrible demon or a Ghost, and at night you can hear the knocking, screeching, babies crying. What is there just did not happen! To begin with, the house was built on the site of ancient pagan burials, and in the middle ages there was going to Satanists and arranged ritual murder – this is confirmed by the results of the excavations.

Glamis Castle, Scotland (Glamis Castle)

The castle of Glamis is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland – as the illustration to a fairy tale of beautiful princesses, evil witches and dragons. By the way, here spent her childhood Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, beloved Queen mother. Impressive architecture and 600-year-old history of the castle is not the only thing that attracts tourists. This area is associated with many mystical stories and legends. In a castle inhabited by several violent ghosts. Perhaps the worst is the Bearded Earl (Lord Glamis, who lived there in XV century). He was a cruel and ruthless man. One day he decided to play cards on Sunday, but none of the servants and guests of the castle did not support his idea because gambling Sunday is a sin. Angered by such defiance, the Earl said, “I’m not afraid to play a game of cards with the devil himself!” The next day the castle was a strange stranger. He was a devil, Bearded Count doomed to eternal torment. Another Ghost of Glamis castle – the so-called White Lady. In 1532 the owner of the castle, lady Janet Douglas was accused of witchcraft and burned alive at the stake. Since then, the White Lady silhouette engulfed in the flames, regularly appears on the towers of the castle. In addition, there are many legends about the chamber of secrets and what dark secrets she was hiding. One of those terrible secrets – Monster Glamis Ghost incredibly ugly child kept locked his entire life.

The tower of London (The Tower of London)

The tower of London is not only one of the main attractions of the British capital. This place has a strong connection with the spirit world. However, this is not as surprising as it may seem at first glance, considering how many people were hanged, beheaded and tortured in the walls of this dark fortress. Among the ghosts at the tower of London and there are VIPs: they had a noble origin, he had power and money – and promptly lost it. And such persons calmly to leave this world not ready! Take, for example, regularly appear in the tower of London Ghost of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, beheaded here in 1536.

The Heath Of Culloden, Scotland (Culloden Moor)

These Scottish land absorbed the blood of a fierce battle. Important battle which influenced the course of British history, took place here during the Second Jacobite uprising, on 16 April 1746 between the Scottish militia under the command of Charles Edward Stuart, pretender to the British throne, and government by British troops, under the command of the Duke of Cumberland. The result of the battle was the complete defeat of the Scots. By the way, the battle of Culloden was the last battle field on the territory of the island of great Britain. Of course, such a bloody and brutal battle left on the battlefield many souls, doomed to eternal punishment. Since then, every year on the day of the battle of Culloden, on the Heath, there are shouts of soldiers that continues the eternal battle in the afterlife.

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