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A selection of underground structures

Not many travel guides mention these underground systems, tunnels and enormous caverns, located sometimes right under our feet. Most of them were originally classified and have only recently become conditionally available to the public.

In some still impossible to get, and almost all difficult to explore fully (in connection with the loss or confusing documentation). But what is it compared to the sense of adventure of many Amateur photographers, and again descending into the unknown?

Abandoned salt mine, Romania

We’ll start with the Romanian city of Cluj. The pictures were taken by Marius R. inside a closed salt mine “Turda”.

In the closed mine has long tunnels and deep, natural origin depression. Excavators dug a huge pit, which could fit three ten-storied house. Marius says: “Inside you can play football, and to travel there by bus”.

Secret Soviet submarine base under the ground

Complex 825 (built between 1957 and 1961) — a huge system of tunnels, filled with water. This place was once a secret base for nuclear submarines of the Soviet Union. Until the secret that the whole town around it was classified and erased from the maps simply.

10 kilometers to the East from Sevastopol, on the coastblack sea, the town of Balaklava was closed to the collapse of the USSR, and even family members living there were required a special permit for entry. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the base was still working only until 1993, and in 1996 left the last submarine. Today the place is open to visitors, but much is hidden from curious eyes and probably keeps a lot more secrets than we could imagine.

Built at a depth of 126 meters underground, 825 Project also served as a refuge for three thousand people in case of nuclear war, plus it could accommodate up to nine submarines at a time; the length of the underground tunnel — half a kilometer, the depth is 9 meters.

The cart, pictured here, was used to transport nuclear bombs in the boot section. Next photo — the “Holy of holies” — a room for the storage of nuclear weapons. Note the strong doors (weigh 16 tonnes each):

Entering the underwater channel:

The storage of fuel for submarines:

Abandoned subway Cincinnati

In America also there are abandoned underground structures.

All station and structure of this unfinished underground transit system built between 1920 and 1925, 7 miles of tunnels, bridges and stations were abandoned at the end of construction, a path never opened and passengers and failed to ride the train.

Three underground stations still exist, but above-ground buildings were demolished, but remained barely visible entrances to a huge underground area.

One of these inputs:

Hidden map metro lines:

A similar system of tunnels (built in the 70) passes under the center of the city of calgary in Canada. The construction was stopped for financial reasons. In calgary there are several doors leading to the tunnels, wide enough to accommodate the tube in rush hour…

G-CANS: the water system of Tokyo

This system is built in order “to prevent the overflow of major waterways of the city and rivers during rain and during the Typhoon season”.

The brainchild of “Japan Institute of technology and research of wastewater” (JIWET) — installation, consisting of five pits, each of which is 32 meters in diameter and 65 feet deep, connected by 64 kilometers of tunnels 50 meters deep underground. This system is driven using a turbine with a capacity of 14 thousand horsepower, which can pump 200 tons of water per second into the nearest river.

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