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The largest wooden structure in the world

Plaza de La Encarnacion in old Seville, adorns the structure is very remarkable and in some respects is just brilliant – Metropol Parasol, a unique structure, one of the largest wooden structures in the world.

When in the beginning of the new century are going to build the garage, nobody knew that at the Plaza de La encarnación to accommodate this umbrella. Preliminary archaeological excavations have shown that before this place was a Roman settlement, it was decided to radically change the future role of this place – there intention is to make the archaeological Museum, and with it to access and a complex that includes a restaurant, small market, walking paths and a rooftop terrace where you can admire views of the city.

The design of the Metropol Parasol is made of wood with a polyurethane coating.

When jürgen Mayer-Hermann completed the design and began building “Metropol Parasol” (Metropol Parasol), it caused almost a rebellion of locals in Seville. It was believed that modern architectural structure in the form of a futuristic plants not fit into the classical buildings of the old quarters of Seville. Despite the initial noise, the residents of Seville are now considered the Umbrella one of the most significant attractions of the city.

Inspired by the vaults of Seville Cathedral (la Catedral de Sevilla) and ficus, proizrastayushchikh Plaza Cristo de Burgos (la plaza del Cristo de Burgos), Mayer developed six “mushrooms” with the “legs” of the cylindrical form of concrete blocks and gigantic gear “hats” of German and Finnish of the wood.

Due to overwhelming dimensions of 150 by 70 meters at a height of 26 meters, the “Metropol Parasol” dominates the landscape of the Central part of the city. This is the largest wooden structure in the world made entirely of wood. Used 8000 wooden parts (regular boards of various sizes and configurations) that are linked to each other with glue and steel fasteners. As a result, “architectural nightmare” gave great fabulous result.

The complex was started in 2006, opened in April 2011 and was a whopping 130 million dollars.

Given the large size Umbrella, also known as “the Mushrooms of Encarnación”, serves for different purposes. On the ground floor is a Museum of ancient Roman and Moorish artifacts on the ground floor is the vibrant Central market. After becoming acquainted with ancient weapons, and tasted local produce in the market, you can climb to the terrace which is on two levels, offering stunning views of the city.

Metropol Parasol, or Umbrella Metropole is actually a device to revitalize the Plaza de la Encarnación, which was used as a car Park for many years and was considered a dead spot in the more popular tourist destinations in the city. The structure consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms, whose design is inspired by elements of the Cathedral of Seville and the ficus trees in nearby Plaza de Cristo de Burgo. Beach umbrella includes a market, shops and a podium for concerts and events. In the basement there is a Store of antiquities, where Roman and Moorish artifacts shown in the Museum. The rooftop has an outdoor public Plaza, designed for public events. There are panoramic terraces, including a restaurant that offers one of the best views over the city centre.

Huge center of leisure and culture “Metropol Parasol” took its place on encarnación square ( la plaza de la Encarnaci ¢ n ), in the historic centre of the Andalusian capital, near the churches in Baroque style and crowded streets.

A huge “mushroom” is divided into four zones: the Antiques Museum (el Museo Antiquarium) in the basement, traditional Food market (el Mercado de Abastos ) on the ground floor, a huge Main square (la Plaza Mayor ) on the top floor and a spacious observation deck at the “mushroom cap”, from which you can admire spectacular views of the city and its environs.

On the plate in front of the “Metropol Parasol” can be read that this center was inaugurated with the participation of the mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sanchez of Monteseirin (Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín). Entertainment center and especially his incredible size has been criticized. But the mayor is confident that this project will give the Seville a more modern look.

The historic core of the city was under the canopy of exotic architectural “umbrellas” multifunctional public center Metropol Parasol or the “Umbrella city”, called by the author of the project jørgen Meier “Cathedral without walls”, as the locals – “the Mushrooms of encarnación”.

German architect, the conceptual basis of creativity is a mystery and a manifestation of the protective patterns and ornaments, and a commitment to wholeness and the infinity of space, the development of the project Metropol Parasol used his studies as an architectural metaphor. External patterned form contains futuristic buildings filled with volumes on four levels.

This is a historic event in its entirety is displayed in the archaeological Museum “Antiquarium”, located on 4500 sq. m underground level through a glass floor where you can see ancient ruins. The second floor is devoted to food market, historically settled in this place in the middle of the XIX century. On the third floor of a new shopping and entertainment center hosts concerts and sports matches, film screenings and theatre performances, fashion shows, exhibitions and other cultural events. The honeycomb structure of the roof in the form of mushroom caps covered with meandering pedestrian paths that serve great observation areas, featuring a panoramic view of the Andalusian capital.

The materials used for the construction of the community center, and especially their number, brought the original building to the Guinness Book of world records, though twice the Metropol Parasol was the world’s largest wooden structure and a huge amount heavy-duty adhesive to bond the materials made it the largest structure on glue. Avoid exposure to high temperatures and extraction of harmful fumes, glued wooden elements undulating umbrella roof, gradually “growing” out of concrete foundations, wrapped around a protective layer of high quality polyurethane coatings.

A masterpiece of modern urban development, modern public leisure centre in Seville Metropol Parasol is already being called a cult place in Spain, attracts visitors not only a wide range of services offered, but also the unique archaeological finds and amazing abstract architecture creative Bureau of Jurgen Mayer.

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