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The most mysterious places on the planet: what people know about them?

To the mysterious places on the planet include such a large number of points on the map that this article is definitely not enough to describe all of them. Only one in Russia, one can count more than a dozen such places. And literally every country has a similar list of natural mysteries.

The most famous mysterious places on the planet – is perhaps the pyramids of Egypt, the sculptures on Easter island, and mystical drawings on the Nazca plateau in Peru. It is the undisputed top three in voting on what the most mysterious places on the planet. Despite the fact that these attractions has been said many speeches and written countless books, still no definitive answers to questions about how, by whom and for what purpose were these created objects.

For several hundred years, there are disputes between historians, geographers, physicists and other scientists about which versions can be considered completely truthful when it comes to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Hypotheses, even a few decades ago seemed unshakable, break on new evidence resulting from research, and this cycle is endless.

The pyramids in Egypt are one of the most frequently visited tourist sites. It stolovskoe due to the fact that unlike South America, Egypt more accessible financially for all travelers. But unfortunately, these multiple visits have and negative consequences – of the pyramid collapse not only under the influence of natural factors, but in the result of carelessness by tourists. It is impossible to monitor everyone who bought a ticket and check whether he accidentally chipping the memory of himself a piece of an Egyptian pyramid.

Not only the pyramids but also all the sights that are on the list of places to visit among avid travelers, are in some danger, under the threat of disappearance. The human influence is so great that it cannot be underestimated, and this influence can be both positive and negative.

The Nazca lines, and patterns, are one of the most unusual places on earth. Still it is not known, how there were these drawings, a wholly reminiscent of scenes from the life. Some believe that this Titanic work of the Indians, who lived in those places, someone claims that it is the work of aliens, and some say it’s just a rare coincidence and a kind of joke of nature. Unfortunately, again exactly answer the question about what was the cause of these patterns does not exist. It is possible that in the near (or distant) future scientists will be able to confidently tell people the whole truth about the appearance of these drawings. In the meantime, people just need to admire the fantastic pictures taken from the height of bird’s flight, and plan a trip to this lovely place in order to see this mystery person.

The stone idols of Easter island, or in other words, the moai – the mystery that can be considered partially open. Many studies conducted over the centuries, practically proved that these statues were erected by human hands. Convincing calculations, the experiments – all the evidence indicates that this mystery has finally succumbed to the human mind. But then again, it’s just belief and theory. On the planet not a single person who could definitely confirm or refute the theory of the origin of the moai for the reason that their creation and installation happened over 600 years ago, and eyewitnesses left.

Even in recent decades, when seemingly the whole world has long been opened and studied, there are new places that until now was not known to the majority of the population. A striking example is the popular film “Avatar”, which takes place on the mystical planet, the prototype of Chinese landscape were the mountains of Jucaite, until then, unknown not only to foreigners but also to the Chinese themselves.

Even conventionally secrets and mysteries of the planet earth cannot be unambiguously regarded as such until it is created or reproduced such evidence, which leave no doubt of any skeptic. Unfortunately, such evidence does not exist, and people can build only different theories, talking about the mysterious places on our planet.

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