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Gothic architecture
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Lubeck. St. Mary's Church
Church advisers The Church of St. Mary in lübeck is considered a masterpiece of Gothic buildings from burnt bricks. For several centuries its tower was the highest towers in the…

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The Temples Of Ancient Greece

Parthenon Temple

Thus, the most famous monument of ancient Greek architecture is the Parthenon temple, which has become a recognized international symbol of Greece. This ancient temple complex was erected in Athens in 437 BC in honor of Athena Parthenos the patron of this city. Construction works were supervised by famous Greek architects and Iktin Callicrate.

They built the Parthenon made of marble blocks, in the Doric style, as painters use. Its frieze is decorated with bas-relief ribbon, and pediments – a magnificent sculptural composition. In its Central room, surrounded by a majestic colonnade, formerly stood a statue of the goddess Athena made of ivory and pure gold, the famous painter and architect of Ancient Greece by Phidias. Unfortunately, the statue has not survived.

The Temple Nicky Apteros

And the first building in the famous Acropolis, towering over the Greek capital, in the most prominent place was the temple complex of Apteros Niki (wingless victory). It was built in 427 BC from marble blocks, on a small ledge of rock, which is specially strengthened by a retaining wall. Building Nicky Apteros small – less than 10 m in length and less than 7 m in width, but very graceful and beautiful. And although throughout its history it has been repeatedly destroyed,it is one of the few monuments of the ionic order survived to our time.

The Temple Of Olympian Zeus

But the once giant temple complex of Zeus at Olympia, unfortunately, today there are just a few of the columns, but they give to understand all the greatness and power of this structure.

Its construction began in the VI century BC

Once in the center of this stately structure stood a statue of Zeus enormous size. She was covered with pure Golden honey and ivory. It was an exact copy of Zeus master of Phidias. Next to this Greek God was erected a statue of the Emperor Hadrian, and not far from the building, arch of Hadrian, who played the role of the gate in the new quarters of the city, built by this Emperor.

The Temple Of Hephaestus

And the best-preserved temple of Hephaestus, built in the V century BC have been Preserved not only its columns and pediments, but even most of the roof.

This national monument of Greece is located just 500 metres from the famous Acropolis, in industrial area. Its location is chosen by chance, because Hephaestus is the Greek God of fire and Metalworking, and here were concentrated the processing of the metal.

The temple of Apollo in Delphi

Delphi had a special place for the ancient Greeks. They were sure that this city is the center of the Universe. After all, according to Greek legend, it was here flew two eagles, released by Zeus from different parts of the world. And here is the ancient Delphic temple complex created for fortune-telling.

With these places the Greeks associated many beautiful legends. One of them is about the conquest of Delphi by Apollo and the metamorphosis of the nymph-prophetess by the name of Daphne into a Laurel tree.

For centuries the Delphic temple complex of Apollo played a very important role in the life of the ancient Greeks. In fact no serious business did not start without the advice of a local Oracle.

Unfortunately, today we can only imagine the grandeur of this structure. It was only on the stone Foundation, stairs and several columns.

The temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

Separate columns are preserved to our days and from the temple, built in 440 BC in honor of the God Poseidon. It is located in the southern part of the Greek Attica Peninsula and surrounded on three sides by the sea. Such location of the building is at the edge of the Aegean sea, is not accidental, because in ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon is considered the ruler of the seas.

This place is associated with one of the saddest legends of Ancient Greece: of king Aegeus jumped off a cliff at the very moment when his son returned home in victory. The unhappy father saw the ship of his son Theseus’s black sails and threw himself down, while his son, defeating the Minotaur, just forgot to change his sail.

The temple of Hera in Olympia

This is one of the oldest Doric temples in Greece. It is believed that the beginning of its building dates back to 600 BC and he is a gift to the Olympians from the inhabitants of Elis.

And although to this day preserved only his base with a massive orthostates and the lower part of the columns, this place has a special importance to athletes all over the world. Here originates the sacred Olympic flame.

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