The greatest monuments of Rome
Buying trips to Italy and visiting Rome, every tourist should pay attention to its monuments, museums, fountains, charming squares and ancient buildings, whose age is so great that it is…

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Ancient Rome in Rome. Underground the Eternal city
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Tash-Rabat is an unusual architectural structure, located on the Great silk road
In the Middle ages, the equipment of the caravan trade passing along the routes of the Great silk road routes lasting several days, was risky. Therefore, to ensure the security…

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Spain. The Gothic quarter

Fruit after Breakfast, we move for the first goal of the Gothic quarter, the heart of old Barcelona. Since last night I have studied in detail the routes of public transport, we make the minimum number of movements on foot: first pass at the 33rd bus to Diagonal metro station, passing one station on lines L3, L4 and transplanted on to the end, go Jaume I. You could make another one less transplant, but I realised that later. The whole trip, and based on, cost us one ticket, i.e. less than 1 Euro.

By the way, waiting for the bus, we noticed the cool guys in uniform standing nearby, his whole appearance showed that in the event of a catastrophe ready to save the world. It turned out that it’s just the controllers, although I must admit that they performed their job very clearly. Without words, dividing the bus into two halves, the two of them just a few minutes, checked by a special device the tickets of all passengers and went to the next stop.

The metro station is located on the outskirts of the Gothic quarter. I decided not to go and printed out a page from the guidebook with the route that we decided to pass.

Turn onto a narrow street and passing the city history Museum of Barcelona, we leave to Plaza del Rey (plaça del Rei) and the Governor’s Palace.

Moving on, around Barcelona Cathedral.

At the main entrance especially mnogolika, not only tourists, but also some Gypsies. By the way, in the Gothic Cathedral we again met the women, who offered us flowers and inviting on flamenco. The script is the same – flower, requires 1 cent, go for a wallet.

Walking down Carrer del Bisbe, pass under the arch.

And go out into Placa de Sant Jaume, is the Central square of the Gothic quarter.

The eye catches the Palau de la Genaralitat.

Opposite it is the Casa de la Ciutat.

Our relatively small walk through the Gothic quarter and completed to comprehend, we come back to the metro station. I must admit that the Gothic quarter doesn’t strike me as much of an impression – noisy place with high prices for food and Souvenirs, lots of tourists and a few cheeky personalities a bit strained. Although I’m not a particular fan of architecture, perhaps, lovers of medieval architecture it is worth visiting.

Next we find the Picasso Museum, a visit which we scheduled a little later and go out to Santa Maria del Mar, also located in the Old town.

After that move towards the sea and just on the way of Souvenirs in a small kiosk, then go to the waterfront, which pleases us more modern buildings.

Characteristic of the architecture of Ancient Egypt.
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