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College Admission Essay

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College Admission Essay ExamplesWhat Is A College Admission Essay?


A college admission essay is a very common part of the application process to get into most of the universities and colleges in the United States.  Many of the colleges and universities in the United States require that each and every applicant completes at least one college admission essay.  There are some colleges and universities that consider the college admission essay to be an optional part of applying to become a student at their school, although it is usually a recommended step in completing the school’s application.

How Can College Admission Essay Examples Help?

College admission essay examples can be a huge help to you if you are unsure how to choose an effective subject or topic to write about.  While it is not recommended to adopt and use the topic from the college admission essay examples that you read, you can use the college admissions essay examples to guide you in the right direction of finding a good topic for your own college admissions essay.  You can also get a good idea about the format options that you have for your college admission essay.  Some colleges may dictate a specific topic, subject or format that your college admission essay must follow, but most colleges allow the prospective student to choose their own topics and their own formats.

If you are able to choose your own format and subject for your college admission essay, remember that this essay is your chance to show your creativity, cognitive ability, your knowledge and your personality to the very people that will be deciding if you are accepted into their school. You will want to choose a topic that will allow you to showcase your abilities, your personality and your intelligence all at the same time, so be sure that the topic you choose is not overly dry or simple to allow you to do all of these things.  Looking at college admission essay examples that are written about subjects that you are considering, or essay topics that are similar to the topics you are considering may be able to help you determine how much you will be able to showcase your talents with a given subject or topic.

Finding Helpful College Admission Essay Samples

With so many sources for college admission essay samples available online, you need to choose carefully which you are using to help you develop your ideas for your college admission essay.  There are some sources that are not nearly as high quality as others are.  There are some really good, well-written college admission samples available online that really could help you with writing your own college admission essay.  There are a large number of great college essay samples available at  They have collected quite a few well-written college essay samples about a variety of topics and their college essay samples are presented with a wide range of formats including short answer type essays.  There are also some guide that can help you decide between good topics and bad topics for your college admission essay.  The individual colleges and universities that you are applying to may also have some college essay samples available to help their prospective students understand the types of college admission essays they are looking for, so you may want to see if the schools you are applying to have college admission essay samples available on their website and you can also check to see if they are requiring their applicants to use a certain topic or format for the college application essay that will be sent to them.

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