Good College Admission Essay Topics

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Choosing a Topic for Your College Admission Essay

What will you write essay about? Essays are an essential part of the college admission process. The college is, after all, taking a gamble on you. The admissions department wants to make sure that you will be successful, stay for at least four years and finish your degree. The written college essay can help to determine that you have both college-level writing skills and that you are mature enough to handle the rigor of a serious academic program.

What are some of the college admission essay topics that will impress the admissions panel?

First know that there are topics that you should avoid. Do not write about what makes you stand out in a crowd. Avoid topics that describe your negative personal habits or rogue beliefs and political opinions. Do not write anything that would evoke pity in others or that give excuses for why you did poorly in high school. Do not write about your worldly adventures or present a list of accomplishments that, in your opinion, make you unique.

Instead, write about what makes you outstanding. Your essay should demonstrate your readiness for college and provide examples of how you have already developed the skills required to be successful.

College Admission Essay TopicsCollege admission essay topics that you should focus on should provide examples of how you have been successful in your life and how college plays an important role in the plans you have for your future. Consider these good college admission essay topics:
• Describe how your interests and skills match well to the program of study you plan to pursue at the college.
• Describe the vision that you have for yourself in five years and tell how your skills and character will get you there.
• Describe how you have faced distractions and made good choices to be successful in school.
• Tell about your career and professional interests and how attending this particular college will help you to advance in your career plans.
• Tell about your vision of your future and how college fits into that image. Describe what you will do to make the vision happen.

When you write a college admission essay be humble and yet demonstrate that you are mature and capable of handling the distractions of college life and the challenges of academic demands. Let the college admissions department know that you are a sure thing and a good bet by picking good college admission essay topics!

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