Common Application Essay

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Commona Application Essay SamplesWhat Is A Common Application Essay?


In order to understand what a common application essay is, you must first understand what the common application is.  The common application is an application for admission into a wide variety of colleges and universities.  While not all colleges and universities are currently accepting this type of application, as of the 2011-2012 application season four hundred sixty universities and colleges all over the United States were accepting the common application as an acceptable way of applying for admissions into their school.  The idea is that a student who is applying for admission to any number of the colleges that accept this type of application would be able to complete one set of forms that comprise the common application and send it to all of the colleges that accept this application form instead of filling out different applications for each and every one of the schools separately.  Due to the fact that the majority of the colleges in the United States require an essay be completed by their applicants, there is also an essay required on the common application which is usually referred to as the common application essay.

The common application essay is required to be over two hundred fifty words, but no more than five hundred words.  Aside from the length requirement, there are few other specifications listed for the common application essay.  Obviously you would want your common application essay to be free of all grammatical, typographical, punctuation and spelling errors and you would want it to be well formatted.  There are six ideas or broad topics for students to choose from when writing their common application essay.  The topic choices you have include writing about an issue of concern personal, national, local or international and its relevance to you, an influential person in your life and a description of their influence, a historical figure or fictional character that is influential to you and a description of their influence, an experience that you have had that illustrates what you can contribute to the social and cultural diversity at the school, an experience that you had that showed how important diversity is to you, or the final topic choice, a topic of your choice.  So even though there are six options for your topic, the possibilities really are endless.

How Can Common Application Essay Examples Help You?

Common application essay examples can be used to help clarify exactly what the topics that are provided are intended to produce as a result of choosing them.  While there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to writing about an issue of concern and its relevance to you, the makers of the common application obviously had something in mind when they offered that topic for the common application essay.  Using a few good common application essay examples that were written using that topic, you may be able to develop a great idea or think of an issue that is relevant to you and your life that you would like to write about.

Finding The Common Application Essay Samples You Need

There are common application essay samples all over the internet, but a lot of them are not really high quality.  There is a writer on that frequently posts new information about the common application essay and posts common application essay samples that are excellent.  Another great source for common application essay samples is to look for other college application essay samples that are about similar topics or subjects.  Just because the essay was written for a specific college application as opposed to being written for the common application essay, does not mean that you can’t get great ideas by reading the essay.  Common application essay samples are simply college application essays samples that happen to have been written for the same application form instead of different application forms.  You should not be copying word for word from any of the common application essay samples you read, so you could easily get the same great ideas from any kind of college application essay.

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