Compare Contrast Essay

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Compare Contrast Essay SamplesWhat Is A Compare Contrast Essay?


A compare contrast essay is written to exhibit both the differences between any two or more subjects, people, items, or ideas and the similarities that the two or more subjects, people, items, or ideas share.  The most important part of writing an effective compare contrast essay is to be sure that you show both the similarities and the differences that your subjects have.  If you show only the similarities or you show only the differences, you have written a comparison essay, not a compare contrast essay.

How Can Compare Contrast Essay Examples Help You?

Using some good compare contrast essay examples as guides, you can get some great ideas of ways that you can clearly present both the differences in two or more subjects and the differences in the subjects without allowing your compare contrast essay to become too dry and difficult or boring to read.  While entertainment is not a specific part of the format of a compare contrast essay, grading may be improved if your compare contrast essay avoids simply pointing out key similarities and differences.  Well written compare contrast essay examples also show real world and relatable examples or scenarios that make the differences and similarities of your subjects clearer for the reader to picture and understand.

Good compare contrast essay examples can also show you different formats that you may be able to use when you write your own compare contrast essay.  Some compare contrast essay examples may follow the introduction with a section that discussed the similarities and then follows the similarities with the differences, then the closing statement.  Other compare contrast essay examples reverse the order of the similarities and differences by showing the differences after the introduction and then follow the differences with the similarities before the closing statement.  There are many other ways that the order can be customized to your essay’s topic.  You may be able to find some compare contrast essay examples that will discuss similarities and differences in categories like appearance in the same paragraph, then move on to discuss the similarities and differences in another category like function in another paragraph.  It is up to you to decide what the best way to present the similarities and differences of your subjects will be when you write you compare contrast essay.

Finding The Compare Contrast Essay Samples You Need

There are many decisions to be made when you write a compare contrast essay and reading some great compare contrast essay samples can help you decide what kind of a topic you would like to choose for the compare contrast essay you will be writing.  When you are deciding what to write your compare contrast essay about, there is a great resource at with a list of topic ideas specifically for writing a compare contrast essay.  There are some good compare contrast essay samples on Webster University’s website that you could use as an idea of how to write your own compare contrast essay.  Gallaudet University has some great compare contrast essay samples available on their website as well.

Regardless of where you get your compare contrast essay samples, there are a few things to keep in mind.  When you are using compare contrast essay samples to help you write your own compare contrast essay, be sure that the compare contrast essay samples you are using are high quality and well written papers.  You do not want to accidentally pick up someone else’s bad habit or use an idea you saw in one of your compare contrast samples that is going to damage your grade on the compare contrast essay that you write.

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