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Comparison Essay SamplesWhat Is A Comparison Essay?


A comparison essay is an essay written to compare items, subjects, ideas or people to one another.  You can use any two or more items, subjects, ideas or people when you write a comparison essay.  You will need to be able to point out and discuss the similarities and the differences of the subjects of your comparison essay in an effective and organized way that is also very logical and easily understood.

You will need to do a little preparation when writing your comparison essay.  The first thing that you will need to do is choose the topic for your comparison essay and choose the items, people, ideas or subjects that you will be comparing to each other.  After you have decided your topic and your subjects, you will need to decide which similarities and differences you are going to include in your comparison essay.  Deciding which similarities and differences you are going to include before you start writing will be beneficial because you can then arrange them in a logical order which you will use to present them in the comparison essay when you are writing it.

How Can Comparison Essay Examples Help You?

Comparison essay examples that are well written and high quality can help you decide what kind of topic you would like to write about.  Comparison essay examples can also help you choose the subjects, ideas, items or people that you will compare when you are writing your comparison essay.  The comparison essay examples you read will help you understand what kind of similarities and differences are going to be the easiest for you to write about and as a result of that, the comparison essay examples should help you effectively select the best ideas, subjects, items or people to write about in your comparison essay.

You will also be able to get formatting ideas from reading some high quality, well written comparison essay examples.  There are many different formats for writing a comparison essay and it is up to you to decide which of those formats are best for the comparison essay that you will write.  You can arrange your similarities and differences in a few different orders and comparison essay examples should be able to help you see which order would be best for presenting the similarities and differences in your comparison essay.  You could show all of the similarities together followed by all of the differences, or show all the differences followed by all of the similarities in the body of you comparison essay.  You also have the option of showcasing similarities and differences that are related to one another together followed by another set of similarities and differences.  As an example, if your subjects were people you could discuss the similarities and differences of their appearances, then discuss the similarities and differences of their personalities, then discuss the similarities and differences of their achievements or even change the order of those groups of qualities.

Finding Great Comparison Essay Samples

Great comparison essay samples are available in so many places.  They are often used in marketing programs and research.  For the comparison essay samples that are more geared toward the type of comparison essays that are written for school, you can usually find some great comparison essay samples on school websites.  There are some really good comparison essay samples on the University of Minnesota website including one about two specific works of art.  Brooklyn College has some helpful comparison essay samples available on their learning center’s webpage where there are multiple sample paragraphs exhibiting different techniques that can be used when writing a comparison essay.

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