Competitive Advantage

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Competitive advantages are advantages an organization or business may sustain that allow the business to hold higher margins, profits, and customer base over the businesses rivals and competition. For the online learning experience and more directly for the UOPX, the unique competitive advantage arises in the form of convenience of technology and the beneficial use of the World Wide Web.

Rising gas prices, increasing employee layoffs, high unemployment rates, and various industries becoming obsolete or nearly nonexistent have led many people off all ages, creeds, nationalities and gender to take initiatives into continued education. In addition, more students are enrolling directly out of high school into the online learning environment because of family financial hardships, a decrease in vehicle purchases for first time drivers, and again rising gas prices.

E-learning is a convenient and innovative way for individuals who want to return or begin school but are held back by established obligations, responsibilities, various personal circumstances, and time constraints. E-learning eliminates the need for travel for both students and instructors.

Conventional methods of learning require both students and instructors to follow a particular schedule and location for learning and classes. With the e-learning environment students can study at their own self-pace, which do not disrupt normal work routines or day to day schedules. Many standard schools have also begun implementing online learning environments into their curriculum.

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