Essay Topics for College Students

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Writing an essay is the least favorite task of many college students. One of the biggest reasons people hate writing essays is the topic. It can be really challenging to choose an essay topic, and many people get stuck here. Use these tips to choose an essay topic that you will be able to write about easily and find a lot of research for.

Choosing an essay topic can be more or less challenging depending on the kind of paper you are writing. Is your paper argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, or informative? All of these papers require a different topic-choosing approach. Some great topics are controversial subjects. You will be able to find many resources for all sides on topics such as gays in the military, abortion, same-sex marriage, wars in foreign countries, or other similar topics.

Research papers need a great topic to be engaging and get a good grade. Choosing a topic that interests you is a surefire way to make sure you do not run out of things to write about. If you cannot find something that interests you easily, then scan your textbook for ideas, or read the newspaper to see if there are any current events that you can draw topics from.

College Essay TopicsA general rule of thumb is to choose a topic with a medium scope. If you choose a topic that is too broad, your paper will not flow well and will be inundated with too much information. If you choose a paper with too narrow of a scope, then you will run the risk of running out of things to write about. Trying to fit everything about gender inequity in the United States into one paper may be a challenge, but a topic like gender inequity in Fortune 500 companies may be just the right size of a topic.

Get creative. Do you know of anything interesting that happened on your birthday in history? Do a search and maybe you will find an interesting topic to write about. Do you have a memory of something that stirred up the country? If you do, this can be a good basis for a topic. Attacks on the World Trade Center may be too broad, but drilling that topic down to how those attacks changed national security, or racism and discrimination in the United States still exist are good examples.

Make sure you check a few things before writing a paper on a topic of your choosing. First, check out some preliminary resources to make sure they are appropriate and that you will be able to get enough research from them. Second, work with your instructor to ensure your topic is appropriate. It would be unfortunate to start writing only to find out they do not approve of your topic. Lastly, make sure you can form a solid research question and thesis statement. A great topic will not flow into a great paper unless the paper itself is well constructed.

Essay topics for college students can be the hardest thing about writing a paper. If you take the time to choose a workable topic, you will be surprised how much easier the paper flows. Find out what sort of paper you are supposed to write, then go for a personal, interesting, challenging or controversial topic following these tips and you will do great!

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