Evaluation Essay

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Evaluation Essay Examples

What Is An Evaluation Essay?


An evaluation essay is written to thoroughly explain the writer’s opinion on the subject.  The subject could be a number of things, as you could write an evaluation essay about anything that you could have an opinion on.  The key to making your evaluation essay effective is your ability to support your opinion with substantial and reasonable evidence that is clear and concise and will make sense to your readers.  The types of topics that are most commonly chosen for an evaluation essay are literary works and books, consumer products, and venues or events.  An evaluation essay is very similar to many marketing publications that are sent out by manufacturers and retailers.  The goal of an evaluation essay that is used in marketing is to emphasize the features of a product or line of products and support the value of the product or line of products with substantial evidence of their effectiveness, reliability or functionality.

How Can Evaluation Essay Examples Help You?

You can use evaluation essay examples to help you develop your ideas on what you will write your evaluation essay about.  They could give you an idea on something to write about that you already know about, or they could point out a topic that you may have an advantage in writing about.  You could also use evaluation essay examples to help come up with places to find supportive evidence and what kinds of supportive evidence you can use when you write your evaluation essay.  Evaluation essay examples can even help you figure out some creative ways to introduce the supportive information you have gathered for your evaluation essay into a more effective statement or show you a way to describe the relationship between the evidence and your opinion of the topic you are writing your evaluation essay about.

Using a logical and organized structure is very important when you are writing an evaluation essay.  If you find some great evaluation essay examples, they may be able to help you format your own evaluation essay.  In some cases, it may be hard to decide what order you should use to introduce your key points.  When this type of difficulty comes up, you may want to try finding some evaluation essay examples about similar topics or that may have similar key points and see how the other writers have organized their evaluation essays.  No matter what you use the evaluation essay examples to help you with, you do need to be careful not to use the wording of the other writer too closely as it may end up negatively impacting your grade for the evaluation essay that you have written.

Finding The Evaluation Essay Samples That You Need

Evaluation essay samples are available all over the place on the internet, but there are some that definitely would be better to use than others.  Make sure that the evaluation essay samples that you get ideas from and that you use for inspiration are high quality works that use proper grammar and good formatting.  There are some great evaluation essay samples at  The article that defines evaluation essays has information regarding the formatting, tips on choosing your supportive key points and a number of links to high quality and well written evaluation essay samples.  There is another great, comprehensive source for information about writing an evaluation essay and some really good evaluation essay samples at the website for Kansas State University.  The resources available on the website of Capital Community College also include some great evaluation essay samples that may help you develop and complete your own evaluation essay assignment.

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