Five Ways to Pick a Great College Essay Topic

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Professors are getting more and more liberal with allowing their students to choose what they will write about. Gone are the days where every student is given the same question to answer or subject to write about. The internet has played a huge role in this, because papers can be posted online for the world to see in a matter of seconds, so professors have had to get more creative. In turn, they are asking you to be more creative as well.
Even the most experienced college essay writers can get stumped sometimes. Here are some great tips to make sure you get a great topic that will catch the eye of your professor and give you a great grade. Remember that what you write about says a lot about you. This can help you when it comes to picking a topic. Everyone knows that you are supposed to brainstorm as one of the first steps to writing a college essay, but what are you supposed to brainstorm about? Here are some ideas of where to start:

  1. Think of your core values. What are some things that are really important to you? Make a list of things that really make you who you are. Is it family? Friends? Even sometimes controversial topics like religion are great topics for college essays because you can look at it from so many angles. For instance, you can discuss the history of religion, or the scandals that have taken place in the Catholic Church in recent years. Both are great topics that would give you a lot to write about and make for an interesting college essay.
  2. Write about your passions. Do you like to snowboard? Are you a great cook? These are some other ways to come up with great topics. You can write an instructional essay about how to play your favorite sport, discuss the history of a favorite sports team, or walk someone through the scents and aromas of the makings of a delicious meal.
  3. Give the reader something personal. A moving story about your parent’s divorce or your insecurities as a teenager can make for a great read. Professors get tired of reading the same old paper over and over. It is important to make your paper stand out from the rest and will give your professor something to remember you by, especially when they are working on grades.
  4. Look for the controversial. It is easier to find research and resources on a hot topic in the news. The more information there is, the easier it is to write. You can also stir up emotions in your reader, which is never a bad thing. Look through the papers and find topics that are stirring people up, and then focus your paper on that.
  5. Seek to entertain. No one wants to read a boring college essay, and your professor is going to thank you if you take the time to interject humor or satire into your writing and make your story entertaining. If you are not the funny type, don’t worry. You can entertain without making your readers laugh out loud. Use great visuals and transport your readers to a new place with your story.

These are just a few of the many ways you can start the brainstorming process and come up with a fantastic college essay. Remember to always follow the guidelines from your professor, but with a little luck, you are well on your way to a great paper.

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