Left Handed Scholarships

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Scholarships for Left Handed PeoplePeople who are left handed are definitely a minority.  Only about one out of ten people are left handed and unfortunately they have some obstacles to overcome as a result of being left handed.  People who are left handed have to deal with a lot of normal household items and tools that are designed with a right handed person in mind and they have to do this for their entire life.  There is one place that left handed people have and advantage over right handed people and it even comes with a monetary value.  Left handed scholarships are only available to left handed people and they can be a really big help when it comes to paying for college.  If you are left handed, you should definitely look into some of the many scholarships for left handed people that are out there.  Scholarships for left handed students are a great way to boost your funds for college because only about ten percent of the students applying for scholarships will be able to apply for a scholarship for left handed people. Because there is less competition for left hand scholarships, you have a better chance of being awarded a left handed scholarship that you apply for.

Left Handed Scholarships From Organizations And Associations

All over the United States there are organizations and associations that offer left handed scholarships.  Try taking a look in your area for any organizations that are specifically for left handed people and see if any of them have a program where they offer left handed scholarships.  You may have some trouble finding such an organization in your area, but you can also look for organizations that are national as well and see what left handed scholarships they have to offer.

Other Left Handed Scholarships

Aside from the left handed scholarships that are offered through national organizations and associations, you have a number of other left handed scholarships available.  You should check with the school that you will be attending to see if they offer any left handed scholarships for their students.  One of the best known left handed scholarships is the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship.  The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship is a left handed scholarship that awards up to one thousand dollars to the applicant that is chosen each year.

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