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Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners are a Canadian-based architectural firm specializing in recreational facilities. Sperry/MacLennan has been operating since the late 1970’s, currently employing 19 workers The purpose of this paper is to address the current growth opportunities facing Sperry/MacLennan, key issues surrounding this growth, risk, and the important of global market research in a global community (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, 2007).

Sperry/MacLennan has seen its shares of ups and downs over the years. From multiple branch locations, to reducing staff by 80 percent, to being on top of the Canadian market as an award-winning leader in their field, Sperry/MacLennan knows what it takes to succeed in this competitive global marketplace. At present, the firm recently won several awards for their work and has completed five new sports complexes across Canada. Sperry/MacLennan has been successful in establishing themselves as Canada’s premier specialty recreational facilities architects and planners. While this is a great achievement for the firm, a continued growth strategy must be developed (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, 2007).

The planning of Canadian sports complexes has been both lucrative and enjoyable for the business, but management is becoming concerned that the market is becoming a bit saturated by Sperry/MacLennan. While there are no real competitors for the organization in Canada, there are only a limited number of complexes that need to be designed each year.

Sperry/MacLennan is looking to grow its operations either to the United States or possibly Europe. When taking operations global there are many factors that must be considered. Sperry/MacLennan must perform extensive market research to first determine the best target market for expansion, and then use extensive market research as the basis to form a strategic management plan. The importance of quality market data is imperative to the success of Sperry/MacLennan’s growth initiative. This data will provide insight into the many factors that impact this type of initiative, such as legal matters, demographic info, and geography.

In its expansion efforts there are a number of key issues that must be addressed by Sperry/MacLennan to ensure success. One fundamental area that must be addressed when considering expansion efforts is location. Sperry/MacLennan has already invested time and resources into researching this issue. After some initial research by a junior partner, New England has been targeted as a strong candidate for possible expansion efforts. While Europe, as well as other areas of the U.S. has been discussed, New England holds the most promise (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, 2007).

New England was selected as a prime candidate for Sperry/MacLennan based on several factors. The first are the type of architectural and planning projects the firm is engaged in. Sperry/MacLennan specializes in and has built its name on constructing high quality recreation/sports complexes. These types of complexes are generally commissioned by either municipalities, or educational institutions. New England, with its vast number of secondary schools, and aging sports complexes may provide a strong area of opportunity. In addition, New England institutions have seen a record influx of donations, as well as grant money over the past few years due to a strong economy.

Location was also a key factor in choosing New England as a possible candidate for expansion. While New England is located outside of Canada, it is less than 700 miles from the Sperry/MacLennan headquarters to Boston, MA. In terms of a global community, this is right around the corner. The climate as well as the New England culture was also another key factor in choosing New England.

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