Memo for Career Development Plan

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MEMO TO: Human Resource Department Manager


SUBJECT: Career Development Plan

I am writing to inform you of some changes that have just taken place. As you may know, I was recently promoted to manager of a new team with many of you joining me. Kudler Fine Foods is looking to expand quite a bit over the next five years, and we want that expansion to occur while maintaining the quality that we are known for. We have to be strategic in this move and make sure we have strong leaders. We will be a strong but mighty team at first, and we have been given the creative license to grow how we see fit, and use our resources in the best way we can. This proposal will be delivered to upper management and it will cover many topics such as what positions we will have on this team, the new responsibilities of the members on the team, what our new training program will look like, how everyone on the team will be measured and evaluated, our incentives and benefits package, career development and compensation.

Our title will be the ‘Global Expansion Team,’ because even though we are not leaving the United States anytime soon, we still want to always be thinking ahead and looking at ways to grow globally. In addition, we do not want to have to change our name when we become an international company. We will be in charge of training, recruiting, compensation and benefit plans and also the strategic plan for rolling out these programs in every store as we grow our company across the country, and eventually, the world. The team will initially have six core members, and we will build from there. Expect growth to be quick and do not get left behind!

There will be five positions under myself: one manager who will focus on lower-level managerial duties such as payroll time records and ensuring compliance tutorials are completed. They will order training catalogs and schedule training locations and cater the events. They will also be responsible for compiling the research packets regarding the new facility locations and scheduling all interviews. They will be a support manager. This team member will have to have a Bachelor’s degree in any business or communication-related field and will need to have experience in the following areas: training, recruiting, basic HR processes, strategic development and developing and administering compensation plans. Another member of this new team will be our staff recruiter. This individual will be responsible for developing a set of interview questions that is uniform and standard and putting job postings on all of the career websites and hosting career fairs.

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