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Personal Essay ExamplesWhat Is A Personal Essay


A personal essay is an essay written about an experience or event that had a lot of meaning for the author or taught the author an important lesson in life, or can be written about the author’s opinion about a specific idea, topic or issue.  A personal essay is supposed to show what you think about the topic, how an event made you feel or what you learned from and experience.  This type of essay is all about you.  When you write your personal essay you will be able to really show a lot about your personality and the way that you think.  Prepare yourself to share your experiences and your thoughts by deciding on a topic that you will enjoy writing about and that your readers may truly enjoy reading about.  Entertainment is important in a personal essay.  You should be sure to carefully describe the details of the topic using colorful descriptions and carefully planned sentences.  In a way, you will be painting a picture of the event or topic for your readers using only your words.

How Can Personal Essay Examples Help?

You can use personal essay examples to help you write your own personal essay in quite a few ways.  The first way that personal essay examples can help you is by helping you decide what you will be writing about.  Take the time to read a variety of different personal essay examples that are about different kinds of topics.  You may decide that one of the personal essay examples you read that was about an experience in which the author learned an important lesson may be the best type of personal essay for you to write.  The personal essay examples that stand out most in your head after you have read a variety of personal essay examples are likely going to be the best types of personal essays for you to write.  Once you decide on your topic, you will need to sit down and decide which parts of the story that you will be telling will need to be explained in the most detail.  Those points will take extra time and care when you go over them in your personal essay.  You can use personal essay examples to help you decide how to describe the important points in your essay by looking carefully at the way that other authors have described similar objects, people, places or situations.  There is an infinite number of ways to describe an item and you may really like the way that a particular author went about their description.  If you find a description you really liked in one of the personal essay examples you read, try to adapt that style to your own story and put it in your own words.

Finding The Personal Essay Samples You Need

Personal essay samples are all over the internet and they are not always marked as personal essay samples.  You can take a look at some blogs and posts from individuals that fit the definition of a personal essay for help with your own personal essay.  Be careful when you use blogs and posts from individuals, because you do not want to adopt any bad habits from the writer.  There are some very helpful and very well written personal essay samples available online.  Capital Community College has a website that includes some great personal essay samples along with some tips and tricks that can help when you are writing your personal essay.  The webpage features two personal essay samples that are really good references that could be used.  Either one of the personal essay samples featured on this webpage would be helpful when you choose your topic and when you are looking for help writing your descriptions and explanations.

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