Personal Narrative Essay

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Personal Narrative Essay SamplesWhat Is A Personal Narrative Essay?


A personal narrative essay is an essay in which the author narrates a story about a personal experience that they had.  The author must narrate the situation in order for the essay to be a narrative personal essay rather than a personal essay.  When you are writing a personal narrative essay, you have to take on the roll of the narrator, but you do not have to have a specific topic.  You have the freedom with a personal narrative essay to make the work a free flowing story about your situation or your opinion and how you formed that opinion.  There is a major mistake that many people make when writing a personal narrative essay.  You must have an introductory paragraph for your personal narrative essay to be an essay and not just a short story.  In fact, a personal narrative essay needs to have the standard essay format which includes an introduction, the body and a conclusion to avoid being considered a short story.  Aside from needing to have that type of formatting, writing a personal narrative essay has very few other rules to follow.

How Can Personal Narrative Essay Examples Help You?

When you are writing a personal narrative essay, it is sometimes hard to get into the mindset of being the narrator and writing from that point of view.  It can help to find and use some well written personal narrative essay examples to your benefit.  Once you locate some great personal narrative essay examples, take some time to read them thoroughly.  Take note of the way that the authors of the personal narrative essay examples describe items and people in the essay because you can use this knowledge as a reference when you refer to items and people in your own personal narrative essay.  You can also use the personal narrative essay examples you gathered to help you determine what the nest way to organize your essay will be.  A great tip is when you’re reading other essays, you may decide that it is best to use a chronological order for your personal narrative essay, but depending on the topic you are writing about, you may also choose a different method of organization for your personal narrative essay such as relevance or significance.  Although there is no right or wrong way to organize your personal narrative essay, there must be some type of organization throughout the essay.  You can use your personal narrative essay examples to see how different organization methods lend themselves to different types of topics which could help you decide which would be best for use with your topic or subject.

Finding The Personal Narrative Essay Samples You Need

Personal narrative essay samples are easily located all over the internet, however there are some that are significantly better to use as a resource than others.  When you choose personal narrative essay samples to use as references when you are preparing to write your own personal narrative essay, you need to be careful to choose works that are very well written with proper grammar and proper punctuation.  You should also look for personal narrative essay samples that have great organization and a good feel for the reader.  There are some great sources of information available when it comes to personal narrative essay samples and one of the really good places to start is at  The webpage on that covers personal narrative essays is packed full of great information about choosing a topic, it offers suggestions for topics, tips and tricks for getting better results from your writing and six great personal narrative essay samples.  The personal narrative essay samples on this page showcase a wide variety of styles, methods of organization and techniques for writing engaging descriptions and explanations.

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