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Photo Essay SamplesWhat Is A Photo Essay?


A photo essay is a series of photographs that is often accompanied by an essay explaining or complimenting the story that is told by the series of photographs.  This type of essay is often very creative in nature and commonly depicts deep emotions or relays an important event.  Photo essays can be used for a number of different kinds of topics.  They can show an event that most people normally would not get to see, they can serve as a documentary, or they can show a side of a person that most people do not see.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to a photo essay and its purpose.

How Can Photo Essay Examples Help?

When you are getting ready to prepare a photo essay of your own it sometimes helps to take a look at some photo essay examples to see how others have gone about the preparation and presentation of their photo essays.  You can use the photo essay examples as a reference in a number of ways.  You can get ideas of what kinds of photos to include and how to arrange them by seeing some photo essay examples.  You can also use photo essay examples to help you determine how you want the accompanying written part of the photo essay to tie in with the photographic part of the photo essay.  Another way that photo essay examples can help you with your own photo essay is by helping you decide how much of each photograph you want to explain in the written portion of your photo essay.  It can sometimes be difficult to decide how to identify which photograph in the series you are writing about and that is if you decide to try to identify which photograph you are writing about.  Some authors decide not to identify a particular photograph in the series when they are preparing the written portion of the photo essay allowing the reader to study the photographs on their own and decide which of the photos is being discussed in the different parts of the written essay.

Finding The Photo Essay Samples You Need

The internet is full of photo essay samples that could be used as a reference when you are preparing your own photo essay.  Most of the really good photo essay samples are not identified as photo essay samples at all, but rather posted online for all to see and read without marking them as a sample.  There are some photo essay samples that are notably good and very interesting.  If you are looking for some photo essay samples that also have some helpful tips on writing your photo essay, you can take a look at the photo essay samples on the University of Illinois website.  Another great resource of information about preparing a photo essay which includes photo essay samples is available at

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