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The advertising campaign for Baderman Island will focus on two groups of people: parents and their children. Baderman Island is for those families who would usually spend spring break at amusement parks such as Disney World or Six Flags. These families are tired of their usual vacation experience of long lines and spending tons of money. They are looking for a relaxing destination for parents that will also provide many fun activities to engage the children. There are five private beaches where children can play water games or take tennis lessons while parents indulge at the spa or show off their skills on the golf course. There is something for everyone on Baderman Island.

Support Statement

This advertising campaign will consist of television commercials, print ads, and a strong internet presence. Each of these ads will be tailored to target either the parents or their children. The ads for the parents will be run on late-night television, in parenting magazines and on similar websites. The children’s ads will be shown on Nickelodeon, as well as on primetime television when families are watching television together.  These ads will show families having a great vacation together by spending quality time bonding and getting to know each other in a fun yet relaxing environment on the beach, in the spa, or on the golf course.

Tone/Brand Character Statement

The tone of ad will be easy-going and relaxing. Throughout all the different advertising mediums a traditional suburban family will be portrayed. There will be a mother, father and two children (boy and girl). This family will be the continual face of Baderman Island, showing this new vacation lifestyle. The ads will show the children playing on one of the exclusive beaches while the parents relax on lawn chairs. The ads will vary with dad playing golf, mom at the spa, and the children engaging in water activities with other guests.

Rational and emotional appeal

Baderman Island Resort can appeal to both the rational and the emotional appeals of the consumers when it comes to family vacation. Ken Orwig (2010) says:

“Some of the tactics typically used in marketing communication that is framed upon the logical approach include: Listing product benefits – To use this method effectively, the advertisement must underscore consumer benefits rather than product features. Convincing proof – This approach is based upon the premise, ‘Seeing is believing.’ Ads or commercials take the form of a product demonstration. Emotion – based advertising speaks the primal tongue. It communicates through design and color, motion and  stagecraft, music and tonality. While the rational mind acts on logical relationships, the    primal mind seeks symbolic relationships (n.p.).”

The Island can advertise rationally to the consumers by communicating how the Island is a good value for a vacation with all the amenities that the Island has to offer. The Island can advertise emotionally to the consumers by discussing how the Island offers great family activities and is a great family getaway.

Brand personality/image

The brand personality and the image of the Baderman Island Resort is one of good customer service, family-oriented fun and activities, as well as clean facilities. The company must cater to their customers and make sure that they are well taken care of while visiting the island because word-of-mouth is one way to draw in new consumers who will bring their families to the island for their family vacations.


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