Scholarships For Twins

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Twins ScholarshipsWhen it comes to college tuition, twins are definitely double the trouble and for obvious reasons.  Not only are there two college tuition bills to handle, but they happen at the exact same time!  Parents of twins are faced with a very serious dilemma when it comes to putting twins through college.  Luckily there are scholarships for twins that can help with the cost of tuition in a big way.  College scholarships for twins come in a couple different kinds and they can come from different places, but as long as they help with the cost of tuition it does not really matter where they come from!

Scholarships For Twins From Organizations

There are many organizations all over the United States that offer scholarships for twins.  Getting twins scholarships can be easier than other forms of scholarships because there are significantly less people who are eligible to apply for scholarships for twins.  The best known organizations for offering scholarships for twins are the Mothers of Twins Clubs.  There are branches of this organization all over the United States and most of them offer scholarships that are specifically for twins.

Scholarships For Twins From Individuals Colleges And Universities

Scholarships for twins can come from individual colleges and universities.  In some cases, the scholarships and other discount programs that certain colleges and universities offer are significantly higher than most other scholarship opportunities.  As an example, the Morris Brown College in Georgia offers to waive one of the twins’ tuition costs if both twins enroll at their college.  That is an amazing savings for parents of twins and is basically like getting half off of the cost of tuition for both or like getting a buy one get one free deal.  There are some other colleges and universities that offer the same types of deals for twins, so make sure that you look around for those types of scholarships for twins.  Other colleges and universities offer smaller discounts for twins who both enroll in their school.  In Virginia, the Randolph-Macon Women’s College offers fifteen percent off of the cost of tuition for each of the twins as long as both twins enroll for classes at their college. Another college that offers scholarships for twins is Oklahoma’s Carl Albert State College where they offer half off of the tuition of one sibling as long as both twins enroll together.

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