Special Education Grants

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Grants For Special EducationChildren with special needs require a significant amount of individual care and attention when they are attending school.  That additional care and attention comes with a price in most cases and parents of these children can find it difficult to handle the bills that come as a result of that individual attention that their children need.  To help parents of special needs children with those expenses, there are special education grants that they can apply for. Special education grants for schools can come from a number of different sources including the federal government and a number of national organizations and institutions and offer help with a number of different conditions and disabilities.  These grants for special education can really help the parents of special needs children lower their child’s education expenses and in some cases, schools can even get grants for special needs children that help them purchase special equipment and create special classes for special needs children who are in attendance at their school.

Special Education Grants For The Blind and The Deaf

Special education grants come in a wide array of different kinds.  Because it is fairly common, special education grants for the blind and the deaf are pretty easy to find.  Some of the organizations that offer special education grants that are for the blind and the deaf include The American Foundation For The Blind, The National Federation Of The Blind, The Association Of Blind Citizens, The Ear Foundation, and The Cochlear Corporation.

Special Education Grants From The Federal Government

Among the special education grants that are available to help with special education costs are those that are offered through the federal government.  The federal government offers a number of special education grants including the Special Education Grant through the GAO or Government Accountability Office.  The United States government also offers special education grants through OSEP, which is the Office of Special Education Programs.

Other Special Education Grants

Aside from the special needs grants that have already been mentioned, there are many more special education grants that can be obtained depending on the child’s needs and requirements.  Some of the other sources of special education grants include the special education grants through the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation and many special education grants that are awarded through state and local government agencies and offices.

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