SWOTT Analysis Template

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Internal Environment Our STRENGTHS in the internal environment are:1. Strong international leadership resources

2. Large cash reserve

3. Established domestic consumer base

4. Successful domestic expansion effort

5. Strong brand image

6. Ability to diversify product line

7. Loyal customers

8. Strong customer service




Our WEAKNESSES in the internal environment are:1. Not currently international

2. No experience with international market

3. May be understaffed for growth effort

4. Currently no international offices



External Environment Our OPPORTUNITIES in the external environment are:1. Major growth opportunity in India

2. Filling need in market.

3. Exploding middle class

4. Indian consumer are spending more

5. Demand for product in India

6. Production cost less in India

7. Reasonable tariffs




Our THREATS in the external environment are:1. East entry for competitors

2. Bad economy in US

3. Cultural barriers

4. Weak Dollar




1. Fashion forward

2. Affordability

3. Stylish, yet conservative

4. Desire for American made products

5. Increased spending on non-essentials

6. Globalization

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