SWOTT Analysis Sample Essay

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To ensure the success of XYZ Companys strategic expansion effort into the international market a SWOTT analysis has been performed. The SWOTT analysis is designed to address strengths, weaknesses, threats, and trends related to both internal and external environmental factors affecting the organization. The analysis will address key areas of opportunity as well as possible concerns as it relates to implementation of this initiative.


Although XYZ Company is not currently operating on an international level the organization has many leaders with strong international backgrounds. These employees will be used as key players in the expansion efforts of the organization. XYZ Company also has experienced much success domestically leading to a strong brand image, loyal consumer base, and large cash reserves. The company also has much experience with driving expansion efforts in the United States while maintaining strong customer service standards.


At this time XYZ Company has no international exposure. While the organization has experienced much success in the United States it has yet to sell any products on an international level. Because of this XYZ Company currently has no offices in India or any other international market. The organization may also be understaffed for this type of international expansion effort.


With an exploding middle-class, increased consumer spending, and a demand for America made products India is presenting a number of opportunities for the organization. Lowered production costs and reasonable tariffs are an added benefit.


With the abundant opportunities in the India marketplace the ease of entry for competitors is a threat. Cultural barriers may present a threat for the organization as well. While the XYZ Company brand has seen success in the U.S., cultural barriers may prevent its growth internationally. Another area of concern is a struggling U.S. economy. Struggles in the U.S. may affect domestic employees of XYZ Company as well as the Indian economy over time.

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