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Synthesis Essay ExamplesWhat Is A Synthesis Essay?


A synthesis essay is written to make and exhibit connections that show the relationship that two or more works or parts of works have and to explain the significance of those relationships.  The connections that you choose to use in your synthesis essay should be thoughtful and insightful.  You will need to thoroughly read the work or works that you will use in your synthesis essay.  You will also need to keep notes on which parts of the works you are going to specifically mention in your synthesis essay, because you will need to include them in your citations.  Be cautious when you write your synthesis essay, as it should not be written as a summary of the works, but rather a creative way of showcasing new knowledge that you gained from analyzing the relationships and connections between different parts of the works covered by your synthesis essay.

How Can Synthesis Essay Examples Help?

You can use synthesis essay examples to help you when you write your synthesis essay.  If you are unsure how to go about writing a synthesis essay and need help figuring out what types of relationships and connections will be important to mention in your synthesis essay, you can get great tips by reading a few synthesis essay examples.  From the synthesis essay examples you read, you should be able to get a good idea of what you will be writing about and what kinds of connections you should be looking for when you read the work or works that you will be writing about.  A few well written synthesis essay examples can also help you get ideas on how to explain the significance of the connections that you mention in your synthesis essay when you write it.  It can sometimes be difficult to explain why a connection taught you something that a reader may not necessarily notice about a story, but high quality synthesis essay examples can help you learn new ways of explaining this type of correlation and its outcome in a clear and easy to understand way.

Finding The Synthesis Essay Samples You Need

There are many places to find synthesis essay samples on the internet, but you should be extremely cautious when you choose synthesis essay samples to use as a reference for your own assignment.  You should make sure that you use only high quality, well written synthesis essay samples as references to avoid the possibility of adopting any techniques from other writers that may negatively impact the grade of your synthesis essay.  There is a really good resource, complete with synthesis essay samples available at the website of Bellevue College.  This is just one place you can find great synthesis essay samples.  Other places that you can get excellent information and synthesis essay samples from include Drew University’s website where you will find multiple types of synthesis essay samples, the website of Michigan State University which offers some direction on writing techniques used in a synthesis essay and some synthesis essay samples, and a very comprehensive guide to writing synthesis essays located on the website for Owens Community College where you will also find a number of synthesis essay samples that would be good references to use when you are writing your own synthesis essay.

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