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About the mysterious circles on the fields

For many centuries the human mind concerned with the mystery of the appearance of unusual drawings in the margins in different parts of the world. What do they mean? Who is their Creator? And what are they trying to tell mankind? There is already a science that deals with investigating and studying the mysterious circles, and is called cerealogy.

But in the modern world, of course, in the vast fields, is becoming more and more, and the pattern differs with increasing difficulty. No one knows what is hidden in these letters. Maybe it’s a warning to the people from heaven? Or just someone’s clever joke?

Figures are denoted by a single phrase “crop circles”, because it is in the form of a circle, were found the first image. Is currently unknown, the author creates different sized images, using the most unusual combination of shapes of geometric figures. In addition to the pictograms in the fields there is a symbolic picture of the world of animals and plants, and surprisingly, even the equations of mathematics.

Largely invisible Maestro uses for his works fields of crops, such as corn or wheat. But to see the full picture is difficult, it is necessary to climb to the top. For example, the excellent photos of crop circles are obtained from the aircraft.

Issledovaniyeyami that the ears fall to the ground in a strict sequence, either clockwise or against. In some cases, there is a twisting of the figures in a different direction.

These amazing figures recorded in about forty different countries around the world. But according to statistics, every nine out of ten circles are the property of England. Because there is a megalithic structure of Avebury, around which appear “crop circles”.

What is surprising about the mysterious circles is mentioned in older publications. For example, in 1678, a scientist describes the “circles” in the brochure “the Devil-mower”. It is also worth noting the fairy tale about little humpbacked horse, which also has a description of flattened wheat in a field.

And again, scholarly opinion was divided. Some believe that this message of nature, which thus tries to warn humanity and teach more carefully relates to the surrounding world. Others try to find a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, attributing blame for the creation of circles on ball lightning, or the influence of the energy field of the earth. Still others assert that it is the handiwork of aliens.

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