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College essays can be tough to write, and it can be even tougher to find reliable information on the Internet to help. An essay can cause college students more anxiety than anything else about school, even more so then exams. Confidence in writing, unclear directions, and procrastination are all reasons that essays are one of the most challenging parts of college.

Let us help! Our college essay samples from various Universities across the country have been posted for your benefit. You will be able to view our college essay examples and use them as inspiration for your own paper. Whether your major is English, Finance, Liberal Arts, or anything else, you will find benefit in using our college essays for new ideas. Our essays contain undergraduate and graduate essay examples, as well as college essay samples from four-year universities, online schools, and local community colleges. We also have collections of college essay topics, analogy examples, essay tips, cover letter, and college reviews.

Many students have told us that all they were looking for was an inspiration – they did not know how or where to begin writing. This is called writer’s block, and this is where our college essay tips can help. Also by viewing our essay examples, you can get an idea of what top professors around the country are looking for, and this will help anyone create and frame their own essay successfully.

You will also find tips on writing introductions, conclusions, thesis statements, outlines, the body of the paper, and sample title pages and reference pages. Need help with in-text citations? You can find that here as well!

So best of luck to you and as we say around here… Happy writing!

How to Write a College Essay Introduction That Works

Writing an introductory paragraph can be one of the most difficult parts of your college essay. Introduction paragraphs will either grab your reader’s attention or tell them they do not want to bother to read the rest of your essay. Many college students wonder how to write an introduction that will make their essay or essays stand out and meet the requirements of their professor. Here are some tips:

  • Grab the attention of your reader but be professional; don’t try to be too funny or glib
  • Make your introduction a summary of what you will find in your paper
  • Include a thesis statement which answers the question your paper explores. It can be as simple as, “In this paper, the author will show…”
  • Write your introduction as an outline, then finish once you are done with the body of your paper to tie it all together

How College Essay Samples Can Get You an A+

College Essay ExamplesIf you are struggling to complete a writing assignment, a good college essay sample may be all that your need. You see essay examples can help you come up with great topics and show you how to better structure your essay. They can also teach you about the specific writing style that you may need to use.

Looking at a college essay sample can also get you thinking and cure your writer’s block. It can give you a great idea for a subject for your own essays long into the future. With a good essay sample, you can come up with a unique, interesting essay that can even help you get into college or get you a scholarship.

College essay examples can teach you how to properly arrange your essay so that it flows smoothly like an award winning author. Just make sure to include a strong introduction, good supporting ideas and a proper conclusion. All of which are important for getting an A+ on your essay.

If you are just looking to improve your existing essay we recommend the following college essay tips:

Be sure that the paragraphs in your own paper are logical and easy to follow.

Use proper citation of sources.

A sample paper can be useful when you have to write a specific type of essay. For instance, if you have to write a persuasive paper, look for a good sample paper of one. The sample will show you all the important steps to include in your own paper.

Proper citation of sources is critical to writing an A+ essay. You will likely do a lot of research for your paper, and you need to give credit to the proper sources. Looking at an essay sample will teach you how to cite your sources. Without the correct citation, you run the risk of plagiarism. By following a good sample, you can be assured that you are properly giving credit to others’ work.

Your grades are important to you, so you want to do well with your research papers. If you are pretty new at writing on a college level, get some help. Find a good college essay sample to use as a guide when you have to write a paper. You will be well on your way to getting that A+ and continuing your track record of making good grades.

More About Us and Our College Essay Examples Collection

College Essay SamplesWe want college students and future college students to be successful in college. From getting into the school of your dreams to achieving above expectations is all that is important to us. Here is the Who, What, When, Where and Why – about our staff.

Who are we?

We are college graduates with many years of experience working in higher education. We give you, for free, what it took us years to learn. We have spent years as college admissions counselors, managers, and we have even trained thousands of admissions counselors across the country. We now are passing on our college essay and writing tips and tricks that we used to give to these admissions counselors, so you will have an edge on the competition.

What do we do?

Here at, we provide you with actual college essays that received excellent grades in school or passed the admissions standards. We believe that providing free essays is the way to a greater global education system. We also think that college essay examples can help anyone get started writing in the least amount of time. Our essays are therefore provided for you as a guide, so if you are working on a comparison and contrast essay or an argumentative essay that you will have the best frame work to start from. All we ask is that you do not plagiarize this work and copy it word for word. If you need to make sure, go to to make sure your paper is truly your paper. Your professors likely have software or use this same type of plagiarism catcher which is provided to them by their university or college.

When should I use your essay examples?

You should use our essay examples whenever you need a fresh look at an essay you are writing, whenever you want to practice your answers to potential college application essay questions, when you want to know how to compile all of the different parts of an essay, and much more. Use our site year-round. We are constantly updating and adding new information. Need something that you do not see on our site? Let us know and we will work to get it on the site for you.

Where can I find information like this?

It is not likely you will find information like this anywhere else on the internet. We have over 15 years experience in higher education and we have worked in admissions, training, management, affirmative action, and on the academic side. We have advanced degrees and have worked as professional tutors and teachers. We give you the best of what we have to offer, all in one location, and for no charge. But note we are always looking for new staff, writers, and college interns to help us out.

Why do we give free college essay tips?

We want you to be successful and have the same opportunity to get ahead of the competition by reading the college essay tips we give you and giving yourself time to practice writing essays and essay questions. We give you this advice because we have been there. So many students give up on their college dreams because they do not feel like they get the guidance they need. We want to provide you with that guidance as well as real-life tools to help you get ahead.

We hope you enjoy our exclusive collection of college essay examples and find everything you need to be successful, both on your way into school, and while you are a college or hish school student.

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