Ancient burial
An ancient tomb, or in other words, the Undead shop has good items always can help. The store is very often, or rather almost with 100% probability of building a…

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The Architecture Of Ancient Egypt
Most common in the New Kingdom period received the type of rectangular temple with a clear plan. The facade of the temple addressed to the Nile, from which there was…

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The most mysterious places on the planet: what people know about them?
To the mysterious places on the planet include such a large number of points on the map that this article is definitely not enough to describe all of them. Only…

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TOP 5 Most ancient cities in the world

After the collapse of the tribal relations, the population of the earth began to settle on completely different principle – territorial. Thus, the first towns began to be laid and constructed in the period of antiquity. Many of them survived to our times.

The city of Jericho, Palestine (10000 BC)

Today, on its territory there are numerous ruins of towers, but no less significant part of the ancient city were razed to the ground. The ancient city is located on the West Bank of the Jordan river, now it has a population of about 20 thousand people.

Mention of this city are found in many written sources, including the Bible. The modern city is located some East of old Jericho.

The city of Byblos, Lebanon (5000 BC)

Bibl has a fairly long history, because for a long time it was an important trading center. In this city was attended not only by the Greeks, and crusaders who left their prints.

Today, Byblos is a quite popular tourist place where people from around the world come to see ancient temples, built by the Thracians, medieval walls and many other attractions.

Aleppo, Syria (4300 thousand years)

Aside did not remain and Syria. Third place, among the most ancient cities in the world, took Aleppo. The city was founded around the year 4300 BC. The history of this city is perhaps the most unknown.

At the old ruins was built the modern city and, to conduct a comprehensive excavation is simply not possible. It is known that these places were visited by the Greeks and the Persians, and the Romans and the Byzantines and the Arabs. So, misty is not only the history of the city, but also the local population belonging to a particular nation. Today, Aleppo is the most populous city in Syria.

The city of Damascus, Syria (4200 BC)

It is known that the city was a major trading centre, there was a developed system of canals built by the Arameans. This city is mentioned in many historical monuments. It is known that it had been seized by the Romans, the Arabs, it was visited by the great Alexander the great.

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