The mystery of lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and one of the most mysterious. What lurks in the depths of the lake? How did the salt…

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The mystery of lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and one of the most mysterious. What lurks in the depths of the lake? How did the salt…

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Found the religious buildings of Biarm
Yuri claims that all complex objects have biomagnetic intense radiation. Stone buildings attached to the outputs of indigenous rock and organically fused with the folds of the terrain. The flow…

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10 most weird and mysterious places on the planet

Eye Of The Sahara, Mauritania

Mauritania is a strange concentric richat Structure .

Richat geological formation located in the Mauritanian part of the Sahara desert.

Locals call it the Eye of the Sahara. The correct stone spiral with a diameter of 40 kilometers is visible even from space. Scientists are still not sure, how did richat: from the fall of the meteorite, because of soil erosion or other cause. Most likely, the mystery of this place will remain unsolved.

Circular richat structure also known as the eye of the Sahara .

Dry valleys in Antarctica

Dry valleys in Antarctica is a desert and the driest place on earth, the only part Antraktida without glaciers.

Dry Valleys in Antarctica – the driest place on Earth.

Precipitation was not for several million years, and conditions to the extent anhydrous, scientists test new Mars Rovers – it is believed that this piece of Land is very similar to Mars.

Precipitation in the Dry valleys has not already been almost two million years.

The River Rio Tinto, Spain

If you find yourself in Spain, be sure to check out a career in the valley of the river Rio Tinto.

The water of the river Rio Tinto is painted in dark red color.

A huge step career give the feeling that you Peresecina the moon, and the river has here red and yellow colors due to the large amount of minerals in the soil.

Blame the mine for the extraction of minerals.

Blood pond, Japan

On the other side of the world, in Japan there is a mysterious Bloody pond .

Here there is a large amount of iron oxide.

The water in the pond is a bright scarlet and is really similar to liquid blood. The mystery of this water color has been revealed already in the present, because of the high content of iron oxide.

The history of the pond is more than 1300 years and it is connected with many legends.

Spotted lake, Canada

In one of the provinces of Canada – British Columbia you can see Spotted lake .

Spotted lake Kliluk is called and is located in British Columbia.

On the dark blue surface of the water really seen anthracite spot! The lake has long been sacred to local Indians and has many mysterious legends. Actually the circles are made of minerals. Now access to the lakes is restricted, and permission to visit must be obtained from an Indian chief! However, it is well visible from the road.

In the cold season family cats doesn’t differ from bodies of water, everything changes in the summer.

The Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Another extraordinary place – the Uyuni Salt flats in Bolivia . which is the largest natural mirror in the world.

The Uyuni salt flats is one of the most beautiful and unusual lakes.

The depth of the lake is often no more than a few centimeters, and the water is so salty and calm, which perfectly reflects the sky and clouds. A great opportunity to walk in heaven!

A small amount of water covering the salt layer makes the Salar de Uyuni is the biggest mirror in the world.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Countless secrets of nature conceal Mount Roraima in Venezuela.

Mount Roraima on the border of Venezuela and Brazil.

We’ve all read about it in the novel by Conan Doyle “the Lost world”, but the mountain actually exists. Roraima – South America table mountain. Here a unique microclimate and similar flora and fauna. The mountain is still poorly understood and hides many secrets! Read more about this unusual grief, we already wrote here .

At the foot of Roraima the rivers Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo.

Death Valley, Russia

A tourist who happened to be in Kamchatka . definitely need to see Death Valley . part of the Kronotsky reserve.

There is a version that the old bears come specifically to this place to die.

The name of the valley speaks for itself, and it is necessary to observe extreme caution! From the depths of the earth here rises a poisonous gas having a paralytic effect and in high concentrations bringing death. Soviet audiences valley is known for the film “Sannikov Land”, which was filmed here.

The Kamchatka Valley of Death is very valuable as sightseeing and tourist site.

The gates to Hell, Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan are the world-famous Gate to Hell .

Darvaz — a burning cave in Turkmenistan.

Crater with a diameter of 60 meters, exudes toxic vapors that burn continuously for many years. The history of funnel – caused. In 1971, there was mined gas and the disaster caused the collapse of the breed and education of the fault. To prevent poisoning, the gas in the fracture was set on fire. Technology hoped that it will soon go out, but the crater is burning still.

Nearby are two more failure of the same origin, but they do not burn.

The mummy Museum, Mexico

The Guanajuato mummy Museum in Mexico – another mystery of nature.

Body Guanajuato about began to dig up due to unpaid taxes for the grave.

The exhibits presented here are not mummified people, and the earth itself! Buried in the 19th century during the cholera outbreaks of the body due to the unique climate turned into a beautifully preserved mummy. The Museum is open to visitors with strong nerves – natural mummies look very specifically.

In 1958 the tax of the tomb was removed, and the mummies have become an attraction.

Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Not all of the mysterious places on the planet created by nature. Perhaps no natural sight is not so interwoven with legends, like Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania.

The Bran Castle . better known as Dracula’s Castle.

Now it is a touristic place and open for all who never have enough little stories about vampires.

In the courtyard is a well, which leads, according to the legend, to the underground premises.

These are the most enigmatic and mysterious places is only part of what nature has created and what has made the hand of man. Earth still holds a lot of amazing and inexplicable.

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