Cologne Cathedral
If we lived that way in the nineteenth century, to see the tallest building in the world, we would have to go to Germany, namely in Cologne, where is one…

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Mystical Britain: the 10 most mysterious places
Mountain Pendle hill, in Lancashire, in the seventeenth century was considered a godforsaken place: it was here that witches gathered for the Sabbath and conducted their magical rituals. This hotel…

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Cappadocia (Turkey) – ancient underground cities of the II century
Centuries-old cones crowned with huge stones, as if specially put on top. The locals have given many of them romantic names. For example, a valley of stone mushrooms are referred…

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Seven wonders of the ancient world

We know about 7 the creation and genius of the inhabitant of our planet, which in ancient times were called amazing things of the world. 7. To have survived solely of the pyramid is the most ancient of the 7 amazing things.

We don’t know, Kai, they were.

Including us and don’t know where surely some of them were posted.

But still they excite the imagination, draw on the road, I ask that we not try to discover and find answers.

The choice of the number consecrated oldest ideas of his fullness, completeness and perfection, the number 7 was considered a sacred number of the Lord Apollo – the number of harmony. According to Pythagoras, 7 specifically serves as a prototype of the universe, reflecting proportionality, harmony of parts.

Classified and outlined the 7 amazing things for the first time Philo Byzantine in the essay “About the 7 amazing things of the world” from the words of the merchants, sailors and pilgrims, whom they have not seen.

The list included descriptions of the most colossal, the most beautiful or in the technical sense of the most amazing buildings and monuments of the skill. They amaze and impress, now is not relevant to their real advantages and shortcomings. The improbability of this kind of buildings adjacent to the necessary, a certain divinity. That’s why they were called udivitelnomu, at that point in the list is missing almost all of the true masterpieces of old architecture and skills.

I must say that the list is not quite similar to the one adopted in the present moment. There are fourteen different lists of antiquity that is hard to date and associate with some of the exact creators. Visible ethno-cultural preferences while finding out about the connection of some object in the list.

But it is not a wonder. Not all were and are agreed with this range. Still no subside disputes about the likely contenders. And the final, so to say traditional, option 7 amazing things of the ancient world was closely recognized in the middle Ages.

For our contemporary fascination with old compose a list of the most-most (of the inhabitants of our planet, events, man-made or natural objects, and so on – poets, philosophers, generals, big kings as monuments of the architecture and skills) unwittingly tells the unhappy book of Guinness, how far the prototype.

A very large number of amazing things about the ancient world, Herodotus said – “the founder of the situation” (Greek historian, fifth century BC), a large number of wandering and visiting them directly.

The episode of the birth of such long-term rampant and the wording “7 amazing things of the world” (3rd century before our era) they all still attended, largely untouched by people and time. In ancient time, the Empire of Alexander the great were available to whosoever wants.

The Gothic Cathedral
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