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Ancient Rome in Rome. Underground the Eternal city

Rome. How amazing and unexplored conceals the Eternal city! Rome is a secret, a mystery, trying to guess which has been more than a Millennium.

Today we are facing a completely unusual and unknown journey. We are waiting for the underground Rome, which gives its visitors a lot of surprises and emotions, which is not found anywhere else.

Yes, under the busy streets of modern Rome hidden another the Eternal city since the days of the Holy Roman Empire, “Rome in Rome”. It also consists of houses, roads, aqueducts and temples, hidden in the soil slowly over time.

That’s really hard for builders in Rome. At every step tunneling, the constructors had stumbled on the ruins of an ancient Palace or Church, ancient amphitheatres, tombs, and even entire residential neighborhoods……there is no archaeologists it was not enough. Perhaps because the metro in Rome was built almost 20 years.

Near the Colosseum is the Basilica of the Holy she . With a visit to its underground levels, and we will begin our journey.

Going down the levels, we’re going back to thousands of years back in time. And indeed it is. Under the Basilica during the excavations was discovered a temple of the IV century.

Here are preserved splendid frescoes.

And under atomgrada are premises, approximately dated to I-II centuries. But that’s not all. There is a fourth level is also the ruins of Rome itself, burned by Nero in the year 64. The ruins of burnt houses, covered with earth, served as the Foundation for the buildings, which now constitute the lower level of the complex.

This is the home of the I-II centuries with an inner courtyard, which was later rebuilt in the Mitreum (religious building for worship the ancient deity Mithras).

The room in the form of a grotto. Along the walls are stone benches, where believers made sacred meal. In the center of the room is an altar of Mithras, which preserved the image of the God killing a bull – a symbol of goodness and fertility.

There is another building, much larger, but it is still not known.

Another amazing discovery in the underground of Rome, Domus Aurea – the Golden house of Nero . This is a huge Imperial residence with an area of 80 hectares, which Nero began to build after a devastating fire in 64 years, but it was never completed. Now is open for visits only a small part of the Palace, where is preserved a magnificent painting.

The octagonal salon, covered with a dome with a hole inside, which I suppose should be rotated throughout the day to follow the movement of the sun.

But even this small portion shows that it was supposed to be majestic, striking luxury complex.

St. Peter’s jail ( Mamertino o Carcere Tulliano ). Ancient Roman prison, one of the oldest buildings of Rome. According to legend, the apostles Peter and Paul spent their last days. The site was subsequently dedicated to the Holy apostles, has been preserved here, even the altar.

Circo Massimo (Circus Maximus) is the largest Roman Hippodrome, one of the largest ever built in the world sports arenas. Here could fit more than 250 thousand spectators in the arena could simultaneously compete 12 chariots. This circus has not been excavated, it is so huge, you’d need to dig up entire neighborhoods of modern Rome.

Of course this is not the whole of underground Rome. This city is unique and fraught with a huge number of unsolved.

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