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Argumentative Essay SamplesWhat Is An Argumentative Essay?


An argumentative essay is similar to a persuasive essay, although it has some very important differences.  You do want to be persuasive when writing your argumentative essay; however with the argumentative essay you want to be sure to acknowledge at least one other conflicting point of view about the topic that you are writing about.  Another important part of an argumentative essay is to present evidence that supports your point of view and the conflicting points of view that are discussed.  Reason can be used in an argumentative essay in a similar way as evidence is used.  You can explain your reasoning in choosing your position on your topic.  Regardless of what evidence or reasoning you are using, you need to be sure to keep the end goal of an argumentative essay in mind.  An argumentative essay should make its readers either adopt your point of view or make them realize that your point of view is a logical and valid one that is worth consideration.

How Can Argumentative Essay Examples Help You?

Argumentative essay examples can help you come up with ideas about how to present your supporting evidence and how to effectively present your point of view on the essay’s topic.  It is imperative that your ideas and your point of view are not emotionally based, but based on reason and supportive proof.  While it is possible for a valid, reasonable point of view may seem like it is emotionally fueled, a good argumentative essay sample may be able to show you some ways to present those points without making them seem to be emotional in any way.

The format used in an argumentative essay is simple, but can easily be confused and made to be less effective.  Good argumentative essay examples can give you a good idea of how to effectively summarize the information that you need to include in your opening paragraph with your thesis.  You can also get a good idea of how much of the evidence should be presented or disclosed in the opening paragraph as opposed to the body of the argumentative essay where the majority of the evidence and other proof or reasoning belongs.

Finding The Argumentative Essay Samples You Need

There are many sources for getting ideas and help when you are writing your argumentative essay, although some sources are much better than others.  There is a really good example of an argumentative essay at which even explains about proper formatting and shows a couple argumentative essay samples and excerpts.  There is a guide on writing an argumentative essay with links to four well-written argumentative essay examples at the bottom of the page on the website of Roane State Community College.  The four examples given will show you a few different options for formatting and plenty of ideas about how to phrase your thesis, how to present your evidence and how to present your methods of reasoning in a way that will be both persuasive and easily understood.

Writing your argumentative essay will be easier if you fully understand what you are trying to achieve and how it is that you can achieve that end result.  Using argumentative essay examples and argumentative essay samples to help you develop your own argumentative essay is perfectly acceptable as long as you do not copy the examples and samples word for word.  The best thing you can do is read through a few argumentative essay examples beginning to end to get a better understanding of how they are written and some of the language used in them and then write your own argumentative essay from what you learned and from memory.  If you use only what you remember about the essays that you read, you are less likely to end up writing something that would be considered plagiarism.

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