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City of Eccentricity – English Essay Samples

English essay samples like this one are here for you to use. This English essay is of the city of Eccentricity which is the city of Portland has been written as a sample for students to use. Please enjoy this English essay!

Portland is a city of water. Rivers surround and separate the city, water rushing from the mountains to the ocean. And rain. There is always the rain. Light showers, torrential floods of water coming down from the open, gray sky. These things combine to make the city a wet and wonderful place. Springtime is amazing, flowers budding on every tree, green grass everywhere, and tulips growing in almost every yard. A much different landscape for a girl born and raised in the arid desert of Arizona.

English Essay SamplesIn the misty, dewy morning, I notice the people. There are the students from Portland State University, carrying their books, scurrying to make it to school on time. The junkies line the streets outside the shelters, looking for food, for more dope to cop, hoping to make it through the next day. Or not. Oregon, known for its hippies, does not disappoint in Portland, where bells jangle and dreadlocks swing. Pink hair and long floral skirts appear to be the norm here. The trolleys whip through the streets, taking these people into and away from the eccentric mix that is this city of the Old West.

Walking along the banks of the Willamette River, I can imagine the history of this city. This river was the farthest point inland that ships could travel into this country, and trade and culture abounded here. Now, the bridges that dot the river remain closed, drawing open only for the occasional ship that dares to travel these waters, the traffic stopping at the base of these slow drawbridges showing the struggles of this history and purpose combined with the metropolis that is here today.

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