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College Application Essay ExamplesWhat Is A College Application Essay?


The college application essay is basically a standard part of the college application process used at almost all of the colleges and universities in the United States.  While the majority of the colleges and universities consider the college application essay to be a required part of their application process, there are a few colleges and universities that have made the college application essay an optional part of applying for admission to their school.  Even though a few schools consider the college application essay to be optional, it is still highly recommended when you are applying to one of these schools mainly due to how highly competitive it can be to get into a college or university.  Those students that opt not to include a college application essay because it is not required for a certain school are likely going to be the first applicants to be denied when there is a decision to be made between them and applicants that did include a college application essay.

How Can College Application Essay Examples Help?

It can be very difficult to decide what you are going to write you college application essay about.  Even worse, that is not the only decision you will have to make.  You will also have to decide what kind of format you are going to use when you are writing your college application essay.  It is very common to use college application essay examples to help you make decisions on what topic or subject you are going to write about and what format you are going to use in writing you college application essay.

Taking the time to read through a few high quality college application essay examples can really pay off when you are writing your own college application essay.  You will have an idea about the kinds of topics that others have used when writing their college application essay and from that information, you should be able to easily pick a topic or subject that you will be able to write about and still showcase your intelligence, your personality and style, and your own cognitive abilities.  College application essay examples can also help you get ideas for how to effectively present any arguments and evidence that will be included in you college application essay and how to show your personality without writing about yourself.

Finding Good College Application Essay Samples

When you are using college application essay samples to help you develop ideas for your own college application essay, you need to be sure that you are using high quality college essay samples.  It is important to make sure that the college essay samples you use are well written so you are not using a technique that you saw in a different college essay sample in your own that is poorly structured or will take away from the effectiveness of your college application essay.

There is an excellent college application essay sample at about a college applicant’s experiences with a county youth board in her area.  This college application essay sample is very well written and it showcases a great structure that could be used when you write your own college application essay.  This particular college application sample is also a great example of how you can show some of your personality and your ideals in a college application essay without taking away from how effective it is.  The college application essay sample is followed by a critique of the essay and the results of the essay so that you can get a realistic feel for how the college application essay you write will be analyzed and in a way, graded.  While this is just one very good college application essay sample, there are many more available.  If you do look to the internet for college application essay samples, be sure that you are finding high quality works.  You should also look into whether or not the college or university you are applying to has college essay samples on their website to help their applicants with the writing process.

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