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Knock your admissions counselors socks off!

If you’re reading this right now, I’m sure you’ve put in “College Essay Writing Tips” into the search engine. Well good for you for taking the initiative to want to write a stellar paper! Not all universities require an entrance essay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send one in anyway. It sends the message that you will go the extra mile to distinguish yourself. Don’t get discouraged by trying to write the perfect essay! Trust me, once you read the college essay writing tips below, you may smack yourself in the head for not trusting your own instincts.

1. Make a List

Every complete paper has to start somewhere, and the best way to get the ball rolling would be to brainstorm everything you want to put down. Be it your academic achievements, sports accolades, or even how this institution was love at first sight, it’s important to get everything down so then you can start organizing the layout.

2. Do Your Research

It’s never flattering to quote a statistic and be off by a percent or two. It’s downright embarrassing to quote the wrong percentage of engineering graduates of the university you’re applying to in your admissions essay. So after making the list, see if any of the content you wish to write about needs a fact check.

3. Be Honest

Clichés are around for a reason, and as they say, honesty is the best policy. It may be tempting to beef up your resume so to speak, but wouldn’t you rather have the school your applying to want the real you? The truth is, they want individuals, not a knock off copy of what you think they may want.

4. Make It Personal

As mentioned in college essay writing tip #3, by being honest, you’re already on the right track to making it a personal and unique essay. Other ways to add some personal touches would be to tell the story on why you believe this university is the right fit for you. Even if you’re applying to multiple universities, you picked each for a specific reason. So tell them why!

5. Don’t Leave it for the Last Minute

Nothing about the college admissions process should be rushed. Think about it, you’re committing yourself to a higher education that could take up 4-8 years of your life! It’s an overwhelming thought, which is why it should be handled with careful thought.

The college essay writing tips above are simple and easy to follow. Everyone can write a mind blowing, award winning essay, as long as they plan it and do the research. Remember to have fun with it and to all the soon to be college student, happy writing!

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