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Descriptive Essay SamplesWhat Is A Descriptive Essay?


A descriptive essay is simply an essay that is written to describe something.  That something that will be described could be a person or character, either fictional or non-fictional, an item, a place, a feeling or emotion, an experience, a theory, or really anything else that you may want to describe.  Your first step to writing a descriptive essay is to decide what topic you are going to write about.  Be careful when you choose the topic for your descriptive essay, because if it is difficult to describe, you may have a hard time coming up with enough information to write about.  You will want to be sure that you are thorough when you are writing your descriptive essay and include enough information for someone that was not familiar with the topic to get a very vivid and accurate idea of what the topic is.  You should not limit yourself to the physical appearance of an object or person when you are writing a descriptive essay.  Always include information about the appearance, function, personality or other characteristics of the topic you have chosen as well.  Writing a descriptive essay is also a great opportunity for you to show your creative writing skills.  You can make use of lots of adjectives, synonym and even some carefully crafted metaphors when you are writing a descriptive essay and these things can also make the essay more enjoyable for the reader.

How Can Descriptive Essay Examples Help You?

Reading a few really well written descriptive essay examples prior to beginning work on your own descriptive essay can make your job a lot easier.  You will be able to get some ideas on how to artfully introduce certain kinds of features and how to clearly describe concepts that are sometime difficult to describe like scents and how something feels.  All of these descriptions are imperative when you write a descriptive essay.  Descriptive essay examples may also be able to help you determine a good order to how you will present the different characteristics of your subject.  The order in which you present the different descriptive elements can really impact how effective your descriptive essay will be.  Make sure that you are not missing any important aspects of your subject when you write your descriptive essay.  If you can find descriptive essay examples about subjects similar to the one you have chosen they may be able to help you make sure that you are not missing anything that really impacts the mental picture that your will effectively paint for your readers.

Finding The Descriptive Essay Samples That Are Most Helpful

When it comes to finding helpful descriptive essay samples, it helps to be a little creative.  If you are going to use the internet to look for descriptive essay samples, you should try searching for the topic of your descriptive essay without any mention of essays or samples or examples.  In a lot of cases, you will find that a website about the topic that you chose will have the same elements as a descriptive essay including clear and creative descriptions of every aspect of the subject.  Be sure that you do not copy anything word for word, but rather take into account how they are written and described and put it into your own words or improve on the idea presented.  Monterey Peninsula College has some excellent descriptive essay samples.  One of those descriptive essay samples really does stand out and is written about a boy.  For those that are having a difficult time deciding what their topic should be even after reading some descriptive essay samples, you can also refer to a great resource for getting good writing topics at  The list of topic ideas for a descriptive essay has a number of great terms that could either be used as they are, or may lead you to a better but similar idea for your own descriptive essay assignment.

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