Competitive Advantage Analysis

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Apple iPad Competitive Advantage Analysis

Apple is the 1976 creation by an individual dabbling in computer design named Steven Wozniak. Wozniak partnered up with Steven Jobs on April 1, 1976 and began to sell the design as Apple Computer. This is the day Apple was born and computer logistics was never the same. Apple Computer did not catch the attention of hobbyists at first; it was not until the appearance of Apple 2 in 1977 with a plastic case and color graphics that Wozniak and Jobs realized they had an edge over the competition. Apple Computer has had struggles, Chief Executive Officer changes, layoffs, expansions, more hardships, and additional triumphs since the establishment of the company, but in today’s society an individual would believe the company has been a success from the beginning (Sanford, 2011).

April 3, 2010 was the day Apple launched the company’s new technological product, the iPad. The release iPad to the United States through Internet purchase or a consumer walking into an Apple store or Best Buy store took place at time when consumers were yearning for something new every day, the market for technology is in frenzy, and competitors are working diligently for an advantage. Apple’s iPad not only allows the consumer to customize to their liking but also adapt to their lifestyle. The product does not limit Apple to one market region and allows Apple to upgrade if necessary. The uniqueness and versatility of the iPad attracts consumers to the Apple store, which in return could boost sales in other products.

Key Attributes

Last year laptops and smart phones were the center of technology. Consumers were allowed to surf the Internet for Facebook, games, download music and movies, and look up trivia like “how long is 1 million seconds.”  Apple designed these same attributes to be in a more convenient and stylish form and called it the iPad.  The product is light with no moving parts so it does not run hot or overheat.  The iPad is has a familiar touch, the same as the iPhone and iTouch. It stays charged for 10 hours, one month  of standby, or three times the amount of a net book (Apple, 2010).  It has applications for Facebook and games; many of these are free. The iPad is attractive so it does not need to be hidden away when guests stop by. A fast boot up allows the iPad easy power ups. Other attributes of the Apple iPad are a calendar that reminds the consumer of important and not so important dates, organizes e-mail, and the consumer can order movies and music to enjoy.  It also poses as an e-reader and photo album in its spare time. The iPad has so many attributes because of the countless applications that are available for downloading, such as a new car manual or a remote control that controls the house, car, and television.  It sounds like man may have a new best friend.

Competitive Advantage

When Apple launched the iPad the company planned to meet the consumer’s needs and demands with a unique product which would cater to individuals’ lifestyles.  Additionally the product should offer them a gadget that would provide a platform of audio and visual media, such as books, magazines, periodicals, movies, music, and games as well as Internet web content.  The market was already introduced to smart phones, netbooks, kindles, and laptops but Apple had to offer a competitive advantage that would differentiate the product from the others in a way that would give the company something original.

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