Career Development Plan Example

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A career development plan example is something that is very important to us at InterClean. We feel it is very important to let our employees know exactly how they are doing so they can always work to improve. Because of this, we feel constant feedback and mock performance reviews for accountability and coaching is crucial. The employees will have two formal reviews per year. Depending on how many points they earn on their review, they may or may not be eligible for a pay increase or decrease of their base salary. Feedback will be given to the employee in the form of a sit-down mock performance review each month. From this mock review, the employee and manager can identify areas in which they would like more coaching and counseling. They may apply for a half-day refresher training, do an online tutorial that we have available for certain areas such as compliance, and write out a plan of how they will get from Point A to Point B for their success.

Sample Career Development Plan

As one of the managers here at InterClean, employee success is very important to me. In fact, without your individual success, there is no collective success. It is important for me as a manager to know each employee’s individual goals and aspirations so I can help them be successful. Some employees may want to promote to a different division or a management position. Since no one can promote at InterClean without first meeting the expectations of their current position, getting them to that level would be my first priority. Next, I would work with the employee to see where it is they want to go. If they wish to promote to a different department, I will ensure they can do some shadowing in that department. If they wish to be in management, I will offer them a mentor-ship with one of our current managers. For those employees who desire mobility, helping them get there will increase productivity while they are working in our department. Some employees will just want to be the top performer on the sales team. Realistically, the sales team is the most financially lucrative position that we have, and many will want to find their success here, and that will be their career. This is great, because we can do a lot with these employees. No employee is perfect, and everyone can grow in some area. With these monthly mock performance appraisals, the employee will always know where they stand and if they are on track or not. This will help them get back on track if they need to, or re-motivate them. It will also help me figure out if they need to listen to themselves on a call of theirs that has been recorded, or if I need to sit with them on the phones for a few hours.

There are many opportunities for advancement at InterClean, especially in sales. If you prove yourself, work hard, are open to new ideas and like to take on challenges, then there are many options available to you. In the sales department, we are always looking for new products and services. If we feel a product or service is going to do well, then we are willing to spend the money to promote that product by hiring a new manager and letting them hire their own team. We would love for all of our new sales managers to promote from within whenever possible. There are always opportunities in other departments as well. I have also already advised you about how encouraging we are of the educational opportunities we offer. This year will be the first year of the InterClean Corporate University. There, employees can sign up for one class a month without manager approval, and more with approval. This way, employees can work on their professional development, which will help them get better in their current positions and prepare for advancement. We believe the way to create loyal employees is to invest in them. We are not afraid they will go anywhere else. We want to show that we value and encourage our employees.

We do have a lot of different options for dual-career parents here at InterClean. Maybe we attract so many families because we do have a child-care center at our main site! We offer this so our employees will retain better once they start to have families. We know how tough it can be to balance both things: family and career. We do not want our employees to have to choose. We also offer flexible shifts if there is a sick child or elder, and employees can work from home two days a month and also flex their shift by coming in late and staying late or making up their hours another day.

Each person on our team is different and has individual needs. Some members, like Donna Wilson, are just starting out their careers. Other people on the team such as Susan Burnt, have had a career for a while. They may want the same things, or they may want different things. Each member will be handled the same way in that they will each have individual meetings and individual plans to meet common goals. Their sales goals will be based off the division averages from last year.

This career development plan was a for a mock organization and we hope it helped. For more writing help check out our college essay tips.

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