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Narrative Essay ExamplesWhat Is A Narrative Essay?


A narrative essay is an essay in which the author tells a story about their topic.  That topic that the author writes about could be an important event, an object, a person or really just about anything else that you could tell a story about.  As far as essays go, the narrative essay is one of the more creative types of essays and because of this; many people believe that a narrative essay is fun to write and to read.  When you write a narrative essay, it is usually best to avoid long and wordy introductions.  Make sure to quickly and effectively set the scene for your story without taking up too much space or time which could lead to bored readers.  Once you set the stage jump right into the fun, action filled part of the story.  When you write a narrative essay, getting to the main story as quickly as possible helps to keep your readers entertained and avoids allowing readers to lose interest and stop reading.  A great tip to enhance your narrative essay is to make sure that your descriptions appeal to as many of the senses as possible.  Whenever you can, you should describe how something looks, smells, feels, sounds and tastes.  Obviously you cannot always describe an item using all five of the senses, but use as many as you can when you describe a new item in your story.

How Can Narrative Essay Examples Help You?

When you are getting ready to write your narrative essay, it is sometimes helpful to gather a few good narrative essay examples and read through them carefully.  When you read your narrative essay examples, make sure that you pay attention to the descriptions that the authors use for different types of items.  Well written narrative essay examples will be able to show you a number of techniques that authors use to help their readers play out the story that they are telling in their minds.  Your readers will enjoy your narrative essay more if they can easily imagine the story that they are reading complete with what the characters look like, what the characters are smelling, what items in the story feel like and if there is food in the story, what that food tastes like.  Narrative essay examples are a great way to get ideas of how you can improve a narrative essay even after you have written it.  If you have recently finished writing your narrative essay and feel that it is a little bland or lacking in some way, you can use narrative essay examples to help figure out a way to enhance the work you have done and create a better story that readers will enjoy.

Finding The Narrative Essay Samples You Need

You can find narrative essay samples everywhere.  Really, most stories are narrative essays.  There are some great resources out there that can help you write a great narrative essay.  Roan State Community College has a page on their website that includes a lot of very helpful information about writing a narrative essay.  Their page includes information about how to choose a topic, tips on how to write great descriptions and comes complete with very well written narrative essay samples that you can read over to help you understand what they are telling you throughout the informational part of the webpage.  Among the information on the website and the descriptions of the techniques, their narrative essay samples really stand out.  There are a total of eight narrative essay samples on the site and all of those narrative essay samples are written by students just like you.

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