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Reflective Essay ExamplesWhat Is A Reflective Essay?


A reflective essay is an essay that is written about a past experience, but instead of relaying the facts about that past experience like you would in an informative essay; you will be relaying your feelings, experiences and lessons learned in a format that is more like an evaluation of the event or period of time.  You will want to follow a traditional essay format when you write a reflective essay, so you will need to include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.  When you write your conclusion for your reflective essay, you will summarize the experience that you covered with your essay and include any lessons you learned from your experience.  To enhance the introduction of your reflective essay, you can hint at the conclusion of your essay without actually giving away the lessons learned or too much of the information about the events that will be explained in the body of the reflective essay.

How Can Reflective Essay Examples Help?

Some people find it difficult to write a reflective essay due to the fact that they are used to writing an informational essay that simply focuses on the information about the events that occurred or were involved in an experience.  If you are having trouble writing a reflective essay for this reason, you can use reflective essay examples to help you see what simple changes in wording you can make to change a sentence from one that would be best in an informational essay to one that fits and works well in a reflective essay.  Reflective essay examples can also give you tips on how to explain the feelings that you experienced and the lessons that you learned in an effective and entertaining way.  A few good reflective essay examples can easily put you on the right track for writing your reflective essay.  All you have to do is take the time to look for some well-written reflective essay examples that use proper grammar and proper punctuation.

Finding The Reflective Essay Samples You Need

If you are going to use reflective essay samples to help you write your own reflective essay, you need to make sure that the reflective essay samples you use are of great quality.  You would not want to use reflective essay samples that are poorly written and risk modeling your reflective essay after one that would earn a very poor grade if turned in for an assignment.  To make sure that you will earn a high grade, you need to use high quality reflective essay samples for references.  There are some really good reflective essay samples available at the California State University Channel Islands website.  The two reflective essay samples that are available on this webpage are extremely well written, using proper grammar and punctuation and they both exhibit some great techniques and language for introducing the author’s feelings about an event.  The reflective essay samples provided also show some interesting ways of writing an effective introduction and a very good conclusion for a reflective essay.

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